Xiaomi Redmi K30

Xiaomi Redmi K30

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  • Lance

I saw video where some guy snapped this phone in half like peace of paper... Weak points are on right side, next to fingerprint sensor. Check it on YouTube, k30 durability test. Phone is good but damn its weak..

  • Anonymous

1128:1 contrast? It's worse than pretty much anything on the market in this regard

Is the battery life score for 60Hz or 120Hz? It's useless unless we know what were the display settings. You should have done a double test, for both frequencies.

  • Anonymous


K30 bendgate.

  • Anonymous

Raie, 25 Jan 2020How do I get Redmi Note 9 pro go to your dreams and you will definitely find it

  • Raie

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2020it too much better the new REDMI 9, REDMI NOTE 9 & REDMI NOT... moreHow do I get Redmi Note 9 pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2020IPS or OLED? Depending on how you make judgment regarding the... moreI prefer IPS LCD over OLED since I always use my phone in the long run and I'm not that typical guy who switch phones every 6 months or every year. I used my 3 year old phone (which was still running the old Android 6) for social media, video streaming and gaming.

  • Wa

Guys help this phone vs Xiaomi CC9/Mi9 lite? I'm not a gamer so processor is not an issue.

  • Anonymous


Depending on how you make judgment regarding the quality of the display. If you only care about the initial display quality when you first purchase the phone, then most users will select OLED. If you care about the overall display quality over the course of several years of ownership, then many users will choose IPS LCD.

Due to the inevitable oxidation of internal organic elements, an OLED panel typically has a lifespan of 3-5 years. Anything beyond 3rd year is in God's hands. You will typically start to notice drop in brightness, color shift, etc.

For most recently produced IPS LCD, the lifespan is 6-8 years or longer, you can typically use it well beyond 7 years without noticing any deterioration of display quality.

(An observation: It is almost impossible to adjust the OLED panel to simultaneously display "neutral-white" and "natural skin-tone". You have to choose one or the other. If you do have a smartphone with OLED display, you can test this yourself.)

  • Brotherhood

hello brothers does anyone know how's the touch latency of k30 does it have a delay touch issue?

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020And I bet you want the price to be under 300 dollarsLmao!

DonBurt, 20 Jan 2020please help me to decide between Redmi k30 or Redmi note 8 pro. ... moreAsus ROG phone 2. Massive battery for your use-cases. Better save and get the one's best for your uses than to cheap-out and be disappointed.

dagl1969, 21 Jan 2020Then why all flagships use Amoled displays? Only to bump the pr... moreFlagships using AMOLED does not justify it as being "superior" in all cases.

It is a known fact that AMOLED is cheaper to produce in bulk (compared to IPS) and the easiest to integrate (flexible, thin, and less parts) to phones while keeping the price of the phone higher. It also has a lower lifespan (before burn-in shows) compared to IPS, it's the best choice for this disposable smartphone markets nowadays. Less price for parts + higher prices for phones = more profit.

AMOLEDs are disposables since they're organic, that's a fact. Even Samsung won't integrate it as their main display for their TVs, for someone that knows the limitations of AMOLED, it's Samsung, they know well enough. They even give free screen replacement within warranty because they acknowledge the weakness of their AMOLEDs, for Samsung, that's a good thing. For Xiaomi, good luck with after sales.

  • Anonymous

DonBurt, 20 Jan 2020please help me to decide between Redmi k30 or Redmi note 8 pro. ... moreDon't buy redmi note 8 pro... Buy k30 or k30 5g... Redmi note 8 pro is not good as k30 in gaming

Notsure, 13 Jan 2020Amoled is an inferior organic unreliable technology, LCD is supe... moreThen why all flagships use Amoled displays?
Only to bump the price?
K20/Mi 9T and K20 Pro/MI 9T Pro use Amoled.
Why to use inferior display?
Because is easy to have high refresh rate?

  • DonBurt

please help me to decide between Redmi k30 or Redmi note 8 pro. mobile i wanted is good for gaming and watching video as well. Its true that redmi note 8 pro is having poor quality of video?

  • Anonymous

K30 has SD730G, while Mi9T has SD730. SD730G is an enhanced version of SD730, offering 5%-10% more performance according to Qualcomm. But the benchmark results indicate SD730G offers more than 10% performance increase. K30 5G has SD765G which is much faster than even SD730G.

  • Anonymous

arun5959, 03 Jan 2020My idea of a perfect smartphoneÂ…weight not more than 175 gms ( ... moreAnd I bet you want the price to be under 300 dollars

  • borisxp

I couldnt wait so i bought the china version with the china room and i will tell you, this phone is amazing. China room its not that bad, and its in english, so i will stay with it until this get a global room i will , its worth it.

I had the mi 9t. but i think this one is better. the ips display is actually very good and not a problem, its better than the mi 9t amoled display. and the processor is quiet fast, you really dont need 855, especially if you dont game like me.

Will we ever get a review of this? Maybe in our lifetime...