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Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

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  • 5G for Note9Pro

It will be interesting to see what Xiaomi will do with Redmi Note 9 (Note 9 Pro). Note 9 will not have a 5G option because the lower-priced 5G chips will not be available until the 2nd half of 2020. Note 9 Pro may have a 5G option, using Mediatek Dimensity 800 SoC, hitting the price point of $220-$250. When the time comes for Redmi Note 10 (Note 10 Pro), Note 10 will have a low-price 5G option, hitting the price below $200, probably as low as 1000CHY ($150).

  • K30 5G vs K30

For Xiaomi, there is a big difference between 2019 smartphone and 2020 smartphone. For 2019, 5G is just an add-on, an afterthought. For 2020, 5G is at the center of the design consideration. This phone is designed as Redmi K30-5G, while Redmi K30 (without 5G) is just a convenient by-product, an afterthought derivative. Xiaomi needs to absorb the additional cost of 5G (~$80) and still hitting the price point of Redmi K20, ~$280-$300 (2000CHY). This design imperative drives the choices of components. From that perspective, Xiaomi has done a splendid job. K30-5G is priced just below the initial price of K20, while K30 is priced considerably lower than K20, approaching the price of Redmi Note 8 Pro.

If you want to compare K30-5G (K30) with Xiaomi's previous smartphones, it should be K20 vs K30-5G, and Redmi Note8Pro vs K30. For users living in countries where 5G is not yet an option, K30 can be a good upgrade option for those currently using Redmi Note 8.

Anonymous, 02 Jan 202060 hz amoled > 120 hz ipsFHD+ pentile AMOLED is already weak at 6,39". At 6,59" it is bad.
At 6,67" it would also be bad.

The sharpness of LCD is superior at this resolution and size. Had it been QHD+ AMOLED, then it would have been a closer match, but a higher price and LCD would still edge it out slightly in terms of sharpness. On top of that there's the issue with AMOLED burn-in, at least for power users.

The only downside about this phone's display is that punch hole camera. Pop-up is better for design and privacy.

  • Chyelo

MohammadME, 04 Dec 2019Redmi k30 launch will clash with Galaxy A51 launch. Display: k... moreYou have not compare other aspect like battery and price. K30 is with 4500, 30w charger while A51 is 4000 and 15w charger. K30 is price cheaper than A51. If you look past the lcd vs amoled aspect (it is subjective to individual which is better), almost all aspect K30 is better than A51, ie, CPU (8nm vs 10nm), RAM spec range, camera, bluetooth, IR, battery and price. Personally I think K30 is much better than A51. Also, it is better than Realme X50, X50 tried to copy K30 but without 3.5 jack and sd card slot, and with GW1 camera (vs K30 IMX686).

  • Ron7x

Lee, 07 Jan 2020I will be buy one, because have Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX.This is v... moreWow! Congrats bruh.. Likewise.

  • Lee

I will be buy one, because have Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX.This is very important for me to link my Hi End Hi-fi wireless Loudspeaker System.Good...

  • Anon

That looks awful, a downgrade in the display especially. No longer OLED, and with the stupid notch or cutout. I would gladly give up the front camera, besides, the K20 is much better in this regard.

Fyjnffuh, 15 Dec 2019They never ruined it lol. It just not for everyone including you... moreThe problem is they went from an AMOLED display to an LCD. And from a flawless display to one with a massive intrusive hole in it.

  • Anonymous

Does it have notification led?

  • MrNoone

arun5959, 03 Jan 2020xiaomi, first control weight of your phones. should not exceed 1... moreWith a 6.67" Screen and a 4500mAh it's nearly impossible to build a phone with a weight less than 180g. You could use plastic on the body to keep the weight at around 180g, but it's not really durable and doesn't feel good when you touch it. For a phone like the Redmi K30 it's definitely okay to have this weight.

  • Fahmi

Does the Redmi K30 series support the DC gaming feature

xiaomi, first control weight of your phones. should not exceed 180gm at any cost. you are not making tablets.

  • Xxx

Jusstt_v, 01 Jan 2020Ips -_- worth it ? I dont think soFor me, I don't care!

  • Anonymous

60 hz amoled > 120 hz ips

  • Jusstt_v

Ips -_- worth it ? I dont think so

  • Anonymous

i personally think back design of REALME X50 5G
it so much prettier than this, cameras better to be in corner not in middle like Redmi Note 8 Pro

they have better back design & no big hole in back

  • Xxx

M, 28 Dec 2019pity you. k20 pro has better cpu. 855 is much faster SoC than 76... morePity you. Comparing pro with non pro just to win an argument lol

  • Fyjnffuh

Joe, 30 Dec 2019I'm so happy i bought the k20 pro. The k30 pro is a joke. Lcd sc... moreYour comment is a true joke here. This is k30 5g variant not pro version lmao.

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2019You want fries with that too or...?Lol, good one...

  • Joe

I'm so happy i bought the k20 pro. The k30 pro is a joke. Lcd screen and snapdragon 765G which has an antutu score of 302,000 compared to the k20 pro's 388,000 antutu score and amoled screen. Also full screen display.