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So after 18 months of using the phone,my battery had swollen up to where it refused to charge..
To get the spare parts is very difficult,that's my main grouse with the device..
It is still a beast though..

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    • mi fan
    • RxE
    • 07 Feb 2022

    Anonymous, 05 Oct 2021How can I remove MI browser? Because it's irritating. ... moresettings
    manage apps
    triple dots at upper right
    default apps
    choose chrome (if you had installed)

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      • One who get fk by Mi
      • 6p$
      • 17 Jan 2022

      After 7 months of using,ic burnt out and there no new spare parts coming to fix it,that suck at that price.dont buy it.

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        • 08 Oct 2021

        Give me some best gcam links

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          • 05 Oct 2021

          How can I remove MI browser? Because it's irritating. How can I make Google Chrome as default browser?

            VYSTA, 01 Oct 2021Can someone please help me with thw GAP App link please.Try the link.

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              • 01 Oct 2021

              Can someone please help me with thw GAP App link please.

                BillyOcean, 06 Sep 2021So, can anyone tell me if this phone has Google play? You can install Google Apps and it works flawlessly..
                Just download GAP Installer App and let it do its work and you are good to go..

                  So, can anyone tell me if this phone has Google play?

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                    • Nu6
                    • 11 Jul 2021

                    shourov , 09 Jun 2021After the 12.5 update, my main camera and front camera have... moreClear camera app data

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                      • shourov
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                      • 09 Jun 2021

                      After the 12.5 update, my main camera and front camera have been turned off

                        Donbenie, 05 Jun 2021Unfortunately my PlayStore is no longer available after the... moreUpdate!!
                        My PlayStore is back and working..

                          OG, 02 Jun 2021Anyone update the OTA device to miui Does... moreUnfortunately my PlayStore is no longer available after the update..

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                            • Adrianox38
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                            • 05 Jun 2021

                            OG, 02 Jun 2021Anyone update the OTA device to miui Does... moreYes is whork perfectly

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                              • 02 Jun 2021

                              Anyone update the OTA device to miui Does play store is there or not?

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                                • Adam
                                • IhZ
                                • 27 Apr 2021

                                Currently, I'm using this as my main phone, and have been using it since February, and my overall rating is definitely a 9/10. There are a few minor issues, but there are sooo many positives.


                                1. 1080p 120HZ Notchless Display.

                                2. Dimensity 1000+ is fairly smooth. Actually, a youtuber just did a speed test between the K30 Ultra, the POCO F3, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the POCO F3 got first place, the Redmi K30 Ultra got second place, and this is the most surprising, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the $1300 phone got LAST place. Overall, I'm impressed with that!

                                3. 4500 MAH battery with great screen-on-time.

                                4. Premium Build with a glass back, glass front, and aluminum frame.

                                5. MIUI 12 is super customizable and pretty cool!

                                6. Getting software updates that are helpful like stability improvements, reduced system lag, and improved camera performance.

                                7. IR Blaster :D

                                8. Literally starts at roughly $289 USD!


                                1. The Main Camera is OK, but nothing special. It can produce good enough images with enough light, but it's probably a bad idea to use it at night. Also, dynamic range is bad. The Ultra-Wide Camera is once again OK, and sometimes can produce some nice images, but usually even in the day there's a noticeable amount of noise and not too much detail. The Macro camera is sometimes cool, but not needed 99.9% of the time. I don't think the depth camera really helps with anything at all tbh.

                                2. MIUI 12 closes background apps a lot. Also, even though the stability of MIUI 12 has been getting much better, there's still some lag here and there, but you really won't notice it. Though if you bought the K30 Ultra a few months ago like I did, there was a lot more lag.

                                3. The base model only comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

                                4. This is probably my biggest issue: Notifications don't always come in.

                                But besides that, this is an awesome phone! Now, I wouldn't 100% recommend buying it, just because it seems like the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition seems very promising. It's basically the successor to this phone. However, that phone does have a punch hole camera. So, it's really your call. Both phones are great value!

                                  ImbaLOL, 30 Mar 2021Currently using this phone. If I were to rate my overall ex... moreI use the phone and my experience has been markedly different from what you are saying..
                                  In 6 months of using the device it has hanged like FIVE times,other than that the phone is buttery smooth..
                                  I have absolutely no issues with Google Apps and they work 100% as they are supposed to..
                                  For my needs,the camera is great..
                                  The main CONS I have with the phone is twofold..
                                  The battery is not the best I have seen,just above average AND secondly the phone heats up occasionally..
                                  All in all I'll give it a solid 8/10..

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                                    • ImbaLOL
                                    • vaS
                                    • 30 Mar 2021

                                    Currently using this phone. If I were to rate my overall experience, I'd say 6/10.
                                    120hz Amoled Screen
                                    512GB ROM
                                    Price point

                                    China Rom
                                    Buggy but tolerable
                                    Certain apps don't work

                                    Camera is fine, not that great compared to flagship phones. But it does get the job done, I'm very much contented with it since I do little photography. Speakers are loud. Screen is not that bright as I would have hope.

                                    I watch tons of reviews before I bought the phone, I even watch reviews of China ROM phones before even considering to buy this phone. Got hyped, don't believe most users that there are little difference between china and global rom.

                                    Tons of apps are not supported at the google playstore. Google apps tend to crash. It is indeed easy to install google, but the support of the device for it is problematic, since at the first place china rom isn't google ready.

                                    Phone hangs, I don't know if it's the miui version or just the OS. Dimensity 1000+ is indeeed a very fast chip, but there is little support, especially for flashing it as a global rom unlike snapdragon.

                                    This phone triggers my patience, as there are too many permission to manually set up for apps installed. It's not a phone for those plug and play people. Too much privacy settings and permission block.

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                                      • 17 Mar 2021

                                      bulbul, 21 Jan 2021its very worst phone i am using it 3month and its performen... moreThat must be fake dude

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                                        • uQ5
                                        • 03 Mar 2021

                                        Mojo13, 13 Jan 2021anyone know how to fix Whatsapp POPUP notification not available.go to settings->permissions->autostart->allow whatsapp