Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming

Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming

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  • sayabosanhidup

well i have been considering the redminote 10pro or the
poco f3 but then i will just forget both n buy this instead

  • Anonymous


Type c 3.1

to be first phone of this name that have it

  • KhaLed

Why not a headphone jack 😵😡😤

  • Anonymous

is it possible to add this too.

512GB / 8GB


512GB / 10GB

i need 512GB storage

while Poco X3 Pro already have 256GB version to purchase, why not this one come with 512GB version too

  • Anonymous

Crackling Doom, 27 Apr 2021That Bruce Lee edition is the only thing that makes me want... moreBruce Lee Edition

it cost 416$ in china

bcuz its available just in 12/256 version

Hehe, 27 Apr 2021Its on par with sd865!!😳its even better than the sd870 except for the camera processing which is a little downgraded than the sd870.But lets see what the actual result is in practical not just in paper.

  • liricx

Crackling Doom, 27 Apr 2021That Bruce Lee edition is the only thing that makes me want... moreHonestly bro

  • Anonymous

MIUI? no thanks

For around $300, this phone is actually very, very good. Great design, big battery, good performance, IP53, and pop-up gaming triggers. The only downside is that there is no headphone jack, but I wouldn't complain much if the phone has an adapter in the box.

Also, the Bruce Lee version is just sick.

Came here to rant about the lack of the earphone jack but I see it has already been done.

Great phone for the price marred by the usual downsides: no micro SD expansion and no headphone jack.

And what happened to the implied "midrange phone gets the headphone jack but flagships don't" logic? It's a stupid logic, but I accepted it. For this price and the specs, and the fact it's branded as a gaming phone, it would make sense to include the headphone jack. At this point it's as if Xiaomi won't include the headphone jack on any K-series phone, regardless of price and specs.

It's the best mobile under 50000 Pkr.its slim,amoled display,67W charger,etc.Now,what do tou wank under 260 Euros?

oh wow 270 euros for a 120hz oled and snapdragon 865+ equivalent soc and 5000mAh?
god damn xiaomi's going hard but price could've been lower if the cameras were removed
no gamer really needs 3 cameras

Nvm it has no headphone jack so I don't want it.

That Bruce Lee edition is the only thing that makes me want this phone.

Compared to the Realme GT Neo, this phone has an IP53 rating, an IR blaster, USB OTG support, and a much bigger battery. In short, better hardware than the Realme. But the lack of the 3.5mm audio jack is definitely a hard buy. Plus, I'm still not too keen on MIUI when compared to Realme UI.

  • robocall

Victor Sol, 27 Apr 2021Someone tell me that this phone price is not true 😱 this ph... moreWell I think your right in that this phone will dominate every other phone that is gaming related or in this price range. Mediatek is getting some love as a whole because they have been working really hard on making their chips faster than qualcomm. This phone is something I might look into as a secondary option to my current iphone 11.

  • Hehe

Its on par with sd865!!😳

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 27 Apr 2021bet its China exclusive, there is no way this is globalThis is K40 Game Enhanced Edition codename K10 "Ares"
There's a rumor of an other global device with codename K10A "Chopin", it's the same device with Dimensity 1100 instead of 1200 (Antutu v9 : 677k instead of 724k on 1200)

  • Yronk

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2021Rog 5 173mm.... 6.78inch with bezeless panel will be good...maybe punch hole