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Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming

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  • Ali

RyanBoy, 04 Apr 2022Redmi K40 12+256 pubg FPS?90 FPS

  • RyanBoy

Hamid Eshghi, 21 Jan 2022Please check out the Redmi K40 Gaming ( Poco F3 GT )Redmi K40 12+256 pubg FPS?

  • xbadx

what is the best phone to buy about 350$ ??????

hey bro
no phone can run at 72° if happening phone will auto shutdown and u hand can easily feel that

  • astromutt

Shika Dai, 21 Mar 2022Guys,please xan you give me some advice ?! is it good to ... moreredmi k40 ge run wild rift smoothly.

  • Shika Dai

Guys,please xan you give me some advice ?!
is it good to use now? I play moba games like wild rift,AOV etc ... I wanna play with good performance.I watch movies a lot so I need good display, great battery, normally camera. Dimemsity 1200 can be OK for long term?
Thank you all.
Have a great day for all of you.

  • Matxtu

Hi, 16 Mar 2022This phone has over heating issue when gaming is that true ... moreMine is china variant. has own this phone for 5 months so far no heating issues. highest heat so far is 46c -47c (battery) with ambient 30-31c playing genshin in highest graphic with 60fps (unlock fps capped xiaomi by opening floating window tricks), it'll start to throttle around 48c but not really effect the gameplay and will back to normal after few minutes. Mainly use this phone for gaming purpose and I don't see any downgrade in term of performance but i think my phone right side trigger not as clickable ( not feel crips) like the first time i using it (the downside of moving mechanic)

  • Hi

This phone has over heating issue when gaming is that true i saw some comment say it even reaches 72•C

  • Anonymous

had used it 12/256 almost 6 month plus never got any hang issue..very smooth and apps download very fast especially china apps..worth to buy this until today

  • tofayas

anyone have problem with 5 ghz wifi ?

  • Erol

Sin, 08 Feb 2022There is nothing wrong with the specs or price point Medi... moreThe problem with pop-up camera is it uses a lot of internal space. Aside from the camera module, the pop-up camera also needs a dedicated motor for popping the camera in and out.

  • Clifford

Is K40 gaming still worth buying in 2022?

Aonyx33, 31 Jan 2022The phone specs said that it has NFC in the comms functiona... moreK40 Gaming edition has NFC function .
You can go to Settings and Search NFC,
tap and Enable

  • I Love You

Hello GSM Arena
Please review before
Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming
Check out the Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming.

  • Anonymous

in china cost

let's see
New Upcoming
how much will cost

I will never understand why they decided to put "Gaming" in the name of the slowest K40 model. I mean both the SoC and RAM are slower than the K40. The Dimensity 1200 is nice but it's not better than the SD870.

The K40 should be the K40 gaming and this should be the K40 and not have triggers in order to cut costs.

Guys, do you have the problem where this phone is not play protect verified and there are some apps that cannot be used due to security issues such as apps like Macdonald or some games that cannot be launched.

  • Sin

Yoeyar, 20 Jan 2022Then... Go for ASUS or Lenovo or ZTE or something else. Bew... moreThere is nothing wrong with the specs or price point
MediaTek MT6893 Dimensity 1200 5G with 12gb ram is ok

The problem i have is design & software based

1 A hole punch don't belong on a gaming phone and is biggest problem with this smartphone Not being to see part the screen is a big deal and why am so mad about this on a gaming phone black dot in screen as you just want focus on gaming is as low as you can go

2 software MIUI is know for being bad and having built-in ads and bloatware
also its heavily and slow gamers need stock android light weight os without pop ups or ads

3 The UMIDIGI S5 Pro Smartphone don't have any of the problems
it has stock android & pop up camera so why can't xiaomi do the same ?

  • Aonyx33

The phone specs said that it has NFC in the comms functionalities however, it is not true. Older models of Xiaomi included this function. How can I enable in this phone?

  • Hamid Eshghi

Please check out the Redmi K40 Gaming (Poco F3 GT)