Xiaomi Redmi K50i

Xiaomi Redmi K50i

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  • pukumuku
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  • 25 Sep 2022

RishiGuru, 24 Sep 2022No such thing on my Redmi K50i. In my eyes it has the best ... moreyeah big respect to xiaomi still producing lcd phones. There is people having sensitive eyes, only one way is lcd.

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    • AJj
    • 25 Sep 2022

    Such a great phone except for an SD Card which is badly required to share files between Second User

      Naresh2022, 23 Sep 2022Does your device has screen bleeding issue around the front... moreNo such thing on my Redmi K50i. In my eyes it has the best LCD display I have ever seen. And the most amazing part is that I have never experienced such a stable MIUI experience. The software part is very well tuned.

        RishiGuru, 23 Sep 2022Got this amazing Redmi K50i from Amazon India as on 22nd Se... moreDoes your device has screen bleeding issue around the front camera?

          Mrajhacker0, 13 Sep 2022Redmi k50i Display Flickering Problem I'm writing ... moreGot this amazing Redmi K50i from Amazon India as on 22nd Sep, 2022. It was the first day of the much awaited Great Indian Festival sale where the price got reduced to INR 23K ($284, €290) for the 8/256 GB memory variant. Just blown away by this device, the best phone on the market under sub $300 price bracket. Will have to wait and see how it performs on the long run.

          Coming to the display, till now have not faced any issues. It is the best LCD color accurate display I have ever come across. And it is also the brightest LCD I have ever seen. I got the blue color variant and it looks beautiful and feels solid in hand.

          The presence of 3.5mm audio jack is GOD sent, and the analogue audio quality through headphone jack is good. It has a HiFi audio setting and delivers a level of bass slam through headphones which I missed for a long time on other smartphones. The stereo speakers are also decent.

          I believe the same phone is available on the European markets as Poco X4 GT.

            Lcd kill's this device

              Thanks a lot, Mrajhacker0 for the heads-up. I was on the verge of splurging money on this phone. I shall wait for another phone with the dimensity 8100.

                Redmi k50i Display Flickering Problem

                I'm writing this post to let everyone know about the serious Flickering Problem on redmi k50i 5g. This problem usually happens when Watchung streaming content including Amazon prime, Netflix, etc.
                The redmi k50i display starts Flickering and then the while display turns white. At this point, we can also experience redmi k50i heating problem and then there is redmi k50i hang problem and lag problem.

                You can watch a video of this problem by clicking this link

                I thought that redmi k50i new software update will fix this display problem but even after the latest miui update, the problem is still happening. When this happens, the only solution seems to be forced hard reset after which it turns normal. Another funny thing to note is that this problem doesn't happen when the phone is always run at 60hz. Then there is no point in boasting that the phone has 144hz refresh rate display.

                It seems like lots of people are facing this redmi k50i display problem and redmi k50i touch problem. So as soon as you purchase a redmi k50i 5g phone, do a detailed review after unboxing and check your phone for any problems that might be present and get a replacement before it's too late.

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                  • Reyansh M
                  • X}5
                  • 27 Aug 2022

                  A good gaming phone with the Dimensity 8100 and the sturdy RAM and battery support.

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                    • raN
                    • 25 Aug 2022

                    jhep, 12 Aug 2022which is better to buy? camera sensor??? sony imx or Samsu... moreI think disclosing sensor named and brand is a marketing trick.

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                      • jhep
                      • Sf3
                      • 12 Aug 2022

                      which is better to buy? camera sensor??? sony imx or Samsung sensor

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                        • Kbd
                        • utU
                        • 11 Aug 2022

                        Please provide sdcard support in higher range mobile

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                          • 7k0
                          • 11 Aug 2022

                          its main camera is samsung sensor

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                            • Vishal
                            • rJQ
                            • 09 Aug 2022

                            Worth it

                              Amit, 26 Jul 2022What about the battery consumption by LCD Panel ?You would trade these benefits and your health over battery consumption?

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                                • BCK
                                • 07 Aug 2022

                                Hasnain khan, 03 Aug 2022SD card not available if virus attack erase all internal da... more12 rom 256 gb 12 rom 512 gb audio jack 3 .5mm charging point curve display dual sim plus expandable sd card slot dynamic fingerprint indisplay dual speakers launch this type of mobile at 30 to 35 k

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                                  • XQu
                                  • 05 Aug 2022

                                  Anonymous, 02 Aug 2022Does it have dual VoLTE? Like will both my sim cards run at... moreYes

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                                    • 04 Aug 2022

                                    DM, 02 Aug 2022I purchased this at 27 July 2022, i really don't like ... moreDon't worry bro, Xiaomi will rectify the issues by their upcoming updates. Xiaomi is always considering the customer request. That's the reason they they quickly growing No.01 in all over the world.
                                    Xiaomi we have some additional kind request.
                                    * Please reduce the screen size for 6.2 inch with better ppi for lcd display for your redmi series.
                                    * No need macro camera, better to use main camera , wide camera and selfie.
                                    * please consider to R&D for Li-ion battery for atleast can use for 3days with one charge and don't need any fast charger (33w, 64w, 100w, 150w). Normal 25w charger is much better for good battery.
                                    That's only Xiaomi. Well done good job.

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                                      • Hasnain khan
                                      • 3@8
                                      • 03 Aug 2022

                                      SD card not available if virus attack erase all internal data. And lost personal data. 3.5mm jack not install family sleep distarbance on loud speakers_

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                                        • vGc
                                        • 02 Aug 2022

                                        Does it have dual VoLTE? Like will both my sim cards run at VoLTE simultaneously?