Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro

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  • I@H
  • 11 Dec 2023

Darknoor, 11 Dec 2023I'll give you the AUX especially when a phone like Sam... more1tb+sd card is a better option. Don't forget phone will get android updates, security updates and individual app updates. And personal files are not yet included.
My games, mangas, sounds, photos and videos will eat thru all that.

    CHICKENLOVER, 09 Dec 2023no sd card or headphone jack= no buy! avoidI'll give you the AUX especially when a phone like Samsung doesn't support generic dongles.
    But SD cards? Are you for real? Have you seen how large the capacity of this thing reaches?

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      • Haerin
      • vxw
      • 11 Dec 2023

      Wow WiFi 7 ...

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        • ucA
        • 10 Dec 2023

        CHICKENLOVER, 09 Dec 2023no sd card or headphone jack= no buy! avoidIt's 2023 lmao, you still living in 2013?

          no sd card or headphone jack= no buy!

            ik everyone including me don't care about the design, but...but...ahhhhh...it feels so ugly🥲

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              • Lolk
              • KZ8
              • 08 Dec 2023

              Missing 4k selfie camera

                Alex, 06 Dec 2023Redmi has the best phones but the worst camera designsBest phones? 😂 Maybe some of the best bang-for-your-buck options, but not the best overall phones

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                  • Marius
                  • SvB
                  • 07 Dec 2023

                  That usb type C OTG is 2.0 or 3? Does anyone know?

                    The Charming Phone ;)

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                      • Minu
                      • ter
                      • 07 Dec 2023

                      kekec01, 06 Dec 2023Such as..???Any Nokia running Android, Symbian, Windows phone, Series 40 etc, the options are endless

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                        • Alex
                        • HKk
                        • 06 Dec 2023

                        Redmi has the best phones but the worst camera designs

                          Minu, 01 Dec 2023Too bad that brick is overrated, there are much better opti... moreSuch as..???

                            joe nodden, 04 Dec 2023Can I get some contextThat dude got a Roblox pfp. Their reply got deleted, that's why, but scroll down... you'll see it

                              justasmile, 03 Dec 2023Roblox pfp???Can I get some context

                                [deleted post]Roblox pfp???

                                  andibad, 30 Nov 2023Is pointless to show off aboud oled display, from billion o... moreThat only happens on AMOLED phones. This is OLED, not AMOLED. In fact, not even AMOLED phones would get this issue, unless you have extreme butterfingers.

                                  If you really don't want AMOLED or OLED, it's ok. Go ahead and live with your inferior LCD screen then.

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                                    • what theee.
                                    • gxN
                                    • 03 Dec 2023

                                    this is for sure a xiaomi 14 plus with these specs, it almost catches the 14 pro excluding the camera and the panel type

                                      Pritam Roy, 03 Dec 2023No MicroSD Card SlotWhy would you need an SD Card for this phone it already has 256 Gb Storage Insde as Minimum

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                                        • CptJcup
                                        • IA9
                                        • 03 Dec 2023

                                        joe nodden, 30 Nov 2023Man why would they make only a 24gb/1tb model, instead of o... moreI thought the same thing. Twenty four just seems like overkill for a phone. When they rebrand it as the Poco F6 Pro(?), they'll probably have a 16/1 combo.