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Xiaomi Redmi Note

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  • Sachin

Ak, 22 Feb 2015please help to remove the yellow colors on my red mi note screen hey the same issue i m getting in my redmi note i screen get yellowish in the lower side did you get any solution for this plz reply

  • Anonymous

i got my note 4g of redmi on 19th of jan..nd from today i.e1st march my camera is not working ...it showing camera error

  • abdul

I brought this devise in Dec 2014, so far this is working excellent, I will recommend to buy it those who want budget phone with excellent features.

  • singh

mbelunger, 11 Feb 2015the keyboard is very laggy. I'm a fast typer without using swype... moreJus switch ur default keyboard to Google keyboard. Problem solved!

  • Anonymous

cdma sim can work in redmi note $g

  • AnonD-368961

Sometime why my redmi nnot 4 was automatically swichoff

  • Nish

madhu, 24 Feb 2015searching for contacts for a named selection with in the google ... moreOpen contacts

Then press and immidiatele release the bottom left menu button on phone ( physical butyon on phone front, the one marked with 3 dashes)

It will show sone options.

Select settings from it and then click on display preferences.
Then click on merge duplicate contacts.

This method is for Redmi Note 3G

  • Anonymous

rg, 24 Feb 2015Intensity of flash is very low. my phone doesnt capture pictures... moremy redmi note do not supporting telugu lanaguage but supporting many indian languages. camera quality is very poor

K. kanaka raju, kakinada India.

  • AnonD-368643

In my experience, we need to root and do some partition with the internal memory if we want to save our app in external memory...

  • Babu K

Device Encryption is not available. This should be added in the specifications. As this is most important for corporate uses. To check official Mails

  • Rahul

how to stop automatic update in redmi note 4g, it always create problem for me to stop every update. So, please guide me for stopping all automatically update.

  • Anonymous

999 gram weight is not good

  • Anonymous

watsapp notification does not appear on the status bar...

  • AnonD-364784

When I try to call the screen become black after end call screen come

  • AnonD-364784

shree, 11 Jan 2015you can change this setting... go to phone (at the left botton)... moreWHR is call setting bro..I m also facing same problem

  • AnonD-364784

Vishu, 18 Feb 2015Yes Bro, You Can Do Video Calls...How to do video calling

  • Sonu

madhu, 24 Feb 2015searching for contacts for a named selection with in the google ... moreIt's camera is dul. Not 13mp micromax 8mp is better than this

  • shubham mahore

AnonD-367246, 24 Feb 2015hope uve paid your mobile bill ;)Backup your data
And format your phone

  • madhu

searching for contacts for a named selection with in the google contacts multiple results which amount some 60 or 70 entries of the same contact while there is only one contact.

  • AnonD-367246

monica, 18 Feb 201515days back I bought this mobile n it was working good but today... morehope uve paid your mobile bill ;)