Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G

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  • RZKruspe

This is my reviews after one month of usage of this phone, my unit is 8GB ram and 128GB rom.

My only major issue is the signal reception, both sim cards i used in this phone had weak reception for signals, both for calls or internet also weak Wifi reception. I played online games team up with 3 or 5 people with the same wifi source only my phone had lag signal issue. Tried to fix it by factory reset, it made it little bit better but the signal reception both gsm and wifi was poor, hope in the future updates would fix the problem.

Other than that this device was perfect for my daily use. I think dimensity 700 some of the best chipset xiaomi ever used, i compare it with my friend poco x3 pro (6GB/128GB) redmi note 10 5G still can catch up the performance, no heating issue less CPU throttling after long usage and smooth performance.

Oh also superb durable battery life with daily 3-5 hrs of online gaming, 2-4 hrs of social media (chats and instagram browsing) 2-3 hrs of youtube, and 1 hrs total of phone calls still can hold up from unplug the charger in 5am still had 30% battery left on 6pm and charge it on 9-10pm with 20-15% battery left

Camera wise well it's so so, i'm bot too keen about selfies and shooting object as long it's clear enough

  • Vik

When you turn off Silent mode the phone plays a notification sound! There is no way to stop it. It's the most annoying, not-asked, and "bizarre" feature I have ever met.

  • Jackpp0

Uk model limited to 4gb ram.

First few days of use, phone was ok

But now, 2 weeks later, after downloading all my apps, there is MAJOR lag in some apps, app crashes, YouTube jittering (no smooth playback). Have to sometimes close all apps and restart the apps.

Force closes background apps (like my data saver/firewall app), and whatsapp/telegram notifications hardly come through.

Gps is great when it works in foreground, otherwise, it hardly runs in the background and is closed repeatedly.

Very annoying. This isn't a good phone. They should have a minimum 6gb ram for less laggy experience.

I want to return it but 14 day return policy has been exceeded.


  • Anne

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021Whts is the best, ips lcd or s.amoledIf you like bright images over sharp one than chose Amoled. Otherwise LCD is good.

  • Anonymous

is it just me or the specs of this phone are literally the same as poco m3 pro's?

  • Anonymous

inayat, 06 Jun 2021no dual app options Yes! Try using "shortcut maker" app

  • Anonymous

Maulana, 05 Aug 2021maybe the type of display there is no in this spesifikation... moreWhts is the best, ips lcd or s.amoled

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2021does have dual app like before - Yes. But hidden

  • xiaomifan

I have this Xiaomi and this smartphone recording video in 4K Resolution 30k/s

  • Sree

Alireza, 19 Aug 2021A22 5G is much better than this No way...thats only your opinion

  • Sammroi

Didn't even know there was much of a difference between this and note 10 until I got it for my mom. Big regret. It's thicker, it's does not have a memory dedicated slot although it's a 128gb 6gb. I realized a lag on the xiaomi log in service, also the charger is 18W unlike 30W on the note 10. Kinda disappointed. But still a good one.

skygaki, 17 Aug 2021hmm, could you tell me why are you suggesting Note 10?There's no way the vanilla note 10 is better than this lmao

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2021does have dual app like before - Yes

  • Anonymous

does have dual app like before -

  • Poco99

I tested the UK model which unfortunately only comes with 4gb ram.

Performance is generally ok, but you do start to notice a laggy ui after prolonged use.

I'm not sure why they've limited the UK model to 4gb ram, as this is no where enough for todays standard of apps/games etc.

it's a shame.

I wonder why they do this? International models come with 6gb/8gb ram - which will greatly mprove the user experience.

Bit of a waste of a handset in the uk if I'm being honest. Will be forgotten quickly.

  • Alireza

A22 5G is much better than this

  • Anonymous

before they put OLED screen why now only LED

Rick Astley, 15 Aug 2021switch to Redmi Note 10, not 5G hmm, could you tell me why are you suggesting Note 10?

  • Nick

Whose phone has heating problem when it is charging? About 45°C battery temperature, is it normal?

skygaki, 11 Aug 2021so, i'm thinking of buying this phone, i used Xiaomi M... moreswitch to Redmi Note 10, not 5G