Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (India)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (India)

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  • orion33hunter

issa, 05 Jun 2021its been a couple of months now is the phone alright and is... morei bought the redmi note 10 pro 2 days before. I updated it to miui 12.5 and the first day i left my phone at 59% percentage before sleep & when i woke up just only 2% drained. but today i noticed about 10% overnight battery drain from 70%-60% without turning on internet or anything. Is there any fix or is this a usual bug of Miui 12.5. Anyone faced this ? By the way excellent phone. The normal usage battery drain is so satisfactory.

  • issa

Rajinders, 21 Apr 2021Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is OK . Five days of its use by m... moreits been a couple of months now is the phone alright and is it doing it good or if there problems can you tell me

  • Parthiban S

Why Redmi note 10 pro Indian version not having 4g bands as same as global version???

Indian version have only 7 bands of 4g and global/China version have more than 13 bands of 4g.

Manufacturing in India and xiaomi do not want to facilitate Indian users???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Will Redmi Note 10 Pro (Indian Version) Launch Globally?No

  • Anonymous

Lakshman Qureshi, 09 Apr 2021Does this phone support 512GB SD card?yes

  • Anonymous

Will Redmi Note 10 Pro (Indian Version) Launch Globally?

  • Nafis Islam

The most disappointing build quality in the Note lineup. There are uneven panel gaps everywhere and I can see the glue that binds the screen with the body from the side. Like always, the phone has surprising spec compared to the price and sacrifices a lot of things as a price. For starters, the whole 120Hz AMOLED screen is a mockery. It doesnt feel as sharp as an OLED, neither as smooth as a 120Hz. And the screen flickering issue is unbearable at low brightness. The screen often misses out on touch response while scrolling. In the full screen mode, the home slider sometimes doesn't work properly while watching a video. While it should hide, it stays on and cuts away video. Needs a restart.

In this Phone , how to set up a Photo from Gallery as a Lock ScreƩn Wallpaper. Only.

mwamwamwa, 20 Apr 2021Over hyped phone. Nothing special. Amoled display in this m... moreXiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is OK . Five days of its use by me did not bring any issue about the quality of the hardware of this phone.
Yes I do agree with you about MI UI . Even Color OS is better than MI UI.
I fail to understand why Xiaomi is bent upon complicating the User Interface..
- I am not able to assign a particular ringtone from a dedicated ringtone folder like Color OS or like Android one phone Mi A1 to a Contact of my choice in Note 10 Pro and immediately after assigning it , not able to play it out from Contacts to re verify it.
To wade through Mi UI is like Treasure Hunt.
Why I am saying so is because Ringtone assigned Contact does tell as to which Ringtone has been assigned to it by me.
Time for Xiaomi to learn from others like Color OS , Realme UI , and Samsung User Interface.

If Xiaomi is not able to correct Mi UI then it is better for them to adopt pure Android UI.

Over hyped phone. Nothing special. Amoled display in this mobile is not better than lcd and cannot match with Samsung display. 120 hz scrolling seems like 60 hz. Mi ui is shit. Camera both rear and front is worst than my OPPO 11 pro. Heating issue. Bought yesterday 8gb ram 128 gb storage from Amazon. Only sound through speakers are OK. Not handy and slippery. Camera bump is more than acceptable.

  • sfz

My touch is not responsive manytimes... Very frustrating

  • bp

anyone having screen flickering issue?

theultimatemst, 07 Mar 2021Does this phone have LED light for notification? No.

Limitbreaker, 08 Mar 2021Do they include the charger??Yes, you get a fast charger in the box.

Bhupinder, 17 Mar 2021Somebody please advice which model to go for 10 pro or pro ... moreOnly difference between Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max is that Max has 108mp camera while Pro has 64mp camera. Everything else is same.

Sayma, 22 Mar 2021Is this phone official and better than poco X3?Redmi Note 10 Pro has better display than Poco X3. Poco x3 has a slightly better camera because it has EIS for video recording. I prefer Note 10 Pro's display though.

Dlal, 09 Apr 2021Does Redmi Note 10 pro have display problemUsing it for 5 days now. I haven't encountered any display issues. There are some software issues I think but not particularly any display hardware issue. It works perfectly for me at 120 hertz.

Rajinders, 09 Apr 2021Whether Proximity Sensor's faulty working can be corre... moreI own a Redmi Note 10 Pro. I think I've found the proximity sensor. It's placed in the right side of the ear piece. So unless you cover your right side of the phone you won't have any issues.

  • Lakshman Qureshi

Does this phone support 512GB SD card?

Whether Proximity Sensor's faulty working can be corrected through a software update ?