Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

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Many trolls here are not just wrong, they're stupid as well. The 108MP was only introduced with S20 Ultra for €1299, same with the high quality stereo speaker and 120hz Super AMOLED. Those are the defining spec of the high end phones. It even got a 2x telemacro lens and IR blaster which are now becoming the prominent feature of a Xiaomi phone. Note 10 Pro Max at €220 is not just miles better than any competitor, it's miles better than its own predecessor. Xiaomi's offering such a great value phone at such a low price and you're still complaining. Nobody is stopping you from buying a €1299 phones, go ahead and buy it. We're all here to appreciate Xiaomi's effort to sell phones at an affordable in the age when even other chinese phones are starting to be greedy (Realme 7 Pro, Oppo Reno 5 Pro, etc all worse but more expensive than their predecessor and Oppo find x2 pro as expensive as iphones)

The trolls on here are just crazy, you are complaining about how a mid range phone does not have flag ship specs if samsung made this phone it'll definitely be $500+ .The specs are amazing especially for the price. And also 5g is literally still in progress and by the time it's widespread you'll probably get a new phone.

  • Anonymous

Poco x3 is better then note 10 pro if you buy this phone my suggestion don't buy just buy poco x3

  • Nanas

I dont care if people say bad things about xiaomi.. Yes, it's cheap. But with my 2 years experience with poco f1 it's so amazing. No lag and so many cool features in miui. So many cool fonts, themes, live wallpapers AND THEY'RE ALL FREE. And now i'm just too excited that i cant wait to buy this redmi note 10 pro!

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2021Still MIUI is not that amazing smooth pure andriod like pix... moreSays who.. you? Because u have a 150$ phone maybe it's true then.
But flagship just kick as., my wife have a Poco f2 pro, it's just amazing, she never tried theese things u mentioned here.
I'll bet u never had a Xiaomi and just miss/need to talk to some other people... But talking bullish/lies its not belong in here.

  • AnonD-964130

rinaldi, 05 Mar 2021Phone build ?Glass back plastic frame

  • XGaSt

Behileo, 05 Mar 2021Agree! Xiaomi phones have very low build quality and this i... moreJust lol, you never use recent xiaomi phone and talk like that

  • Anonymous

Still MIUI is not that amazing smooth pure andriod like pixel and nokia's............ unfortunately it is now the heaviest laggy operating system among manufacturers .......don't mention the signal problems of xiaomi and the cheap materials ....after just one ,maximum two years of using it will show you the true meaning of cheaping......just only if u a heavy gamer that will help you otherwise get yourself rid of here.

  • rinaldi

Phone build ?

  • yronk

apple = pro max is actually the flagship version
xiaomi = pro max actually the entry level version

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2021Any sensible reasons why you wouldn't buy redmi phones... moreYou should mind your own business. The man said that he will never buy again, there is no hatred in that. Check your eyes and go to a doctor to check your brain. I could give a very good reason why not to buy and that's because MIUI is one of the worst in all the phone market. No matter how powerful their phones will be, it will always have lag in the UI plus the MIUI is a cheap clone of iOS, iPhone wannabe. Poco X3 has signal problems, call quality is low and the build quality is low also. Many reasons. You pay cheap, you get cheap.

A phone worthy of the price

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021Will not make the mistake again to buy this shit redmi.Any sensible reasons why you wouldn't buy redmi phones. c'mon they offer you the best specs at a friendly prices. if you are looking for more sophisticated ones, opt out for something more expensive than this and stop expressing your hatred towards redmi phones.

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021Will not make the mistake again to buy this shit redmi.Agree! Xiaomi phones have very low build quality and this is the reason for their low price

  • Anonymous

I. P. Suvedi, 05 Mar 2021It came to know that This indian varriant (of Oro or Max) d... moreno NFC for Indian variant because there is nothing no NFC infrastructure for payments in India

  • Rehan

What about camera zoom

I Watch lots of review but almost all youtubers mentions its AMOLED panel but you have mention super AMOLED

  • Anonymous

SAR value anyone knows?

It came to know that This indian varriant (of Oro or Max) doesnt have NFC!! Is this true??
Anybody know Indian varriant of Redmi Note 10 Pro and Pro Max have NFC or not??

  • Sammy

With this specs if it was 5G handset then it would have been great.