Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

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  • DONG

Why doesn't have 5G connect

  • Anonymous

If the price of this phone will be under 20,000 rupees then this phone will a very very very good option for those who want a budget super phone under 20,000 rupees.
I wish that price of this must be under 20,000 rupees.

I simply don't understand why 5G chipsets are not used. And Image stabilization is also not available. They brand it as an awesome phone but sadly it is not.

What?! Doesn't have atleast EIS. sad phone.

  • Anonymous

This is the best phone for this range!! Like seriously the Redmi series is pushing all the boundaries possible for mid-range phones. I used to think the 108mp camera is only possible for high-range phones like the Samsung s20 and Mi 10 and 11 series which only came out this and the last year. Although it doesn't have the same processor as those but the price difference is massive and I really appreciate Xiaomi for providing the best possible phone in every range possible.

  • Josh

I am glad there is no 5g, the chipsets for the 5g are a lot more expensive. Especially for a midrange phone, 4g is fine. This phone looks really good but I will wait to see what my local price for this is and what the Samsung a52 price comes out at. For now, this looks like the better buy in my opinion

Darknoor, 04 Mar 2021You all act like 5G is the best thing ever. In many places,... moreYa people must be dumb to cry for 5g seriously like I am sure most are indians and 5g ain't gonna come to India any soon and they would be going to buy a new phone when 5g properly arrives to india anyways

what is this??? Oh man 4g 2021? And the 5g version is trash,, if poco x4 aint 5g soc777, i will buy realme phone instead.

Disappointment. Sad to hear they are not launching a rebranded k40 series.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 732 and No OIS??

  • Rahul

Rej Galamiton, 04 Mar 2021Seriously, a 4G/LTE phone in 2021?Are you sure India will have even a descent 5G network even by 2023?

  • Unknown

4G Like Really????

  • AnonD-920712

dont expect too much from entry level.
Please try buying flagship, it is nice you know

  • Anonymous

Is this real or global?

  • Shuvo

No 5g seriously

  • Ahmad

I was expecting 5g and Snapdragon 768 but not bad

  • teeku

Gonna b flop if it doesnt have 5g

  • Ultra

It's 100% that they will make 5g versions of these phone later this year.

  • Anonymous

Amazing phone, full specs, sd, Jack, amoled,big battery, only nfc Missing. Much better from mi11, Maybe my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Again with these confusing names... Won't Redmi ever learn? Other than that, it's pretty much an X3 with a bumped up camera.