Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

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  • Anonymous

I bought my pro max on 17th August 2021, but i have a problem with my redmi note 10 pro max, whenever i put my wallpaper, it disappears after a few minutes and put its original wallpaper? Can any one help please?

Haris, 17 Aug 2021Can anybody explain the difference between note 10 pro and ... moreWell I use Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, and apart from the 108 MP camera in the Max varient and 64MP camera on there is literally no difference in both the phones. And there is no issue I have faced with the device till now. There is no proximity censor problem and the screen is absolutely phenomenal.

  • Haris

Can anybody explain the difference between note 10 pro and max version apart from one having Amoled and other Super amoled...how is the phone in daily usage as i can see so many people are complaining of proximity sensor and screen turning black issues...is it worth to spent 20k on any one of this or pick Nord 2

  • Anonymous

MNSiw, 06 Aug 2021This one or used Samsung S10 5G?This one, you wont regret.

It is going to be 4 years for my Mi A1 next month , because of its battery I need to change my device .
Xiaomi should release a new 5G Phones with dedicated SD Card slot.
No matter even if they miss the Macro and Depth sensor cameras in a similar set up like this present 10 Pro Max.
No matter if they increase the price slightly.

  • Tanvee

rick, 24 Jul 2021pixel is a good company ?????Pixel is a brand of Google

  • MNSiw

This one or used Samsung S10 5G?

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021Heavy game means? Can it tun pubg easily?YES

  • P

dust and splash resistance, 10 bit display, 120hz, HDR 10,108mp DONT FALL IN IT. MIUI has some bugs and problems. Camera setup is good but not Impressive or special. Display is good but not useful in term 10 bit, hdr, 120hz. It performs perfect for price but not expect more.

  • Anonymous

Papasdoit, 16 Mar 2021So does it have nfc or it doesn't im confused. The phone's NFC capability is regionally dependent. I've got one in the UK and it does have NFC, but if you're in a different country then yours might not.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021This device is capable for lite user not moderate heavy use... moreHeavy game means? Can it tun pubg easily?

  • Shazy

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021You are not buying a flagship phone, you are buying a budge... moreYes i read your entire review. you r hilarious! One need courage to write these kind of review in public... Keep that up.

  • Anonymous

where can I buy this phone?

  • rick

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2021Vai redmi charo... Good brand dhoro... Like samsung, Pixel.. pixel is a good company ?????

  • shedaa

Baa Pokaam, 14 Jul 2021This device is pretty amazing, it has great features like d... moreThe level of sarcasm lmfao I can't even XD

It is good phone but in case Xíaomi decides (hope so ) to enhance it to 5G , here are some suggestions... viz.
Xiaomi may
-:Change 108 MP Sensor to 48 MP (Sony)
--Remove Macro Lens Camera and Depth Sensor ..in its place give 12 MP Telescopic Lens Camera .it may give only 2X but shall be sufficient.
-- Change Ultra wide Camera to 12 MP in place of 8 MP
....so in place of 4 four Cameras only 3 three are sufficient.
To cut the cost Xíaomi should give IPS LCD display.
Overall cost may go up by approx. Rs.1,000= than the present Pro Max cost yet this shall be an optimum budget phone with 5G connectivity.

  • Anonymous

Hari Prakash, 13 Jul 2021Pros: •5020mAh battery. •120hz refresh rate. •Super amo... moreYou are not buying a flagship phone, you are buying a budget phone. Keep this in mind before writing cons!

  • Baa Pokaam

This device is pretty amazing, it has great features like dedicated call recorder, and when we connect charger a violet screen appears, and it shows how the electric charge is pushed into the phone it is really awesome. And it has 4 cameras and another one in the friend too so we can take selfies, but I saw a tv advertisment of some random phone, and in the ad when we press the capture button something popped out of the phone and took pictures, but this phone's top part has an empty tray (it didnt even popped out when i took the picture) something was written in that tray, like SD, 1, 2 etc, after Two days of research i finally found out that, we should take out all that camera in the back and we should fix it in that tray, (if you are a newbie you should buy new camera from amazon and fix it in the tray, Im a smartphone researcher, so taking those cameras out was so easy for me). Other issue i noted was it has actually 4 camera at the back, but one of the small camera wasnt working, I felt quite disappointed. It has its own antivirus, anyway i couldnt find any viruses, then it has a compass app, so when we are trekking that app can become handy. And it has a superb voice recoreder, we can choose the voice to be mp3 or wav, mp3 is when we sing song and wav is when we record speech/conversation, after recording we have options to play it in multiple speeds. It has a google app an a google assistant app, we we say "Okay Google" some lady quickly answers us back and talks many things which has less priority, it alwase annoys us with political news and inaccurate weather reports. What I like about it is, we can sing songs to it and it will find the song for us, that was satisfying, for example i tried "tutturu tuttu tutturu tuttu ttuttu ttu ttutu" and it came back with my favourite song "Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara - Bol Radha Bol | Kumar Sanu, Poornima | Juhi Chawla & Rishi Kapoor" (Im impressed). It has 128GB RAM, so i tried to play Cyberpunk but it didint run, then i tried Microsoft Flight Simulator too, that was also not working, finally my friend Riya sugessted me Snakes game, it was running perfectly without any issues, in that game we can feed the snake so it will grow and fills the entire screen (Totally Fun), Games have 4G speed nowadays, Im happy, when talking about 4G, I updated apps and that installed as fast aa light, may be because of 128GB ram. My old nokia phone charged up in4hours, but this phone only took 2 hours approximately, because of fast charging.

  • Hari Prakash

•5020mAh battery.
•120hz refresh rate.
•Super amoled screen.
•Over heating while gaming.
•33 watts super charge is not promising.It will take 90-100 minutes to charge.
•Need a little more battery backup.

  • Anonymous

This device is capable for lite user not moderate heavy user.you can't run heavy game,heavy video culture but used as midrange killar phone alternative old flagship. It's superb.