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Tresbien, 23 Dec 2022Seems like there's an endless list of software problem... morePretty sure custom roms like the crDroid and the pixel exp fixed most of the software issues but battery life will never be the same with stock rom unfortunately. But it is not that bad.

    Been using it for 20 days now. Average phone for the price. Great battery life. Camera quality is below average I would say but can support gcam so it's a plus. The screen have pretty decent brightness to it even under direct sunlight but the 90Hz mode keeps flickering and can get annoying sometimes, pretty sure this can be fixed by future software update. Speaker is great but the headphone jack volume is really slow, I really have to crank to almost max volume when using headphones. Overall pretty decent phone for the price but you can't expect more. Oh and that processor is a downgrade from the SD 678 actually.

      It's a good phone but the bad thing is that the headphone jack is at the top.

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        • Sophie
        • SXF
        • 05 Jan 2023

        I've been using it for 6 months so I can do an honest review. I only have problems. Typical of a cheap phone that wants to look chic. I bitterly regret having bought it after reading praise on some sites, by journalists surely handsomely paid by Xiaomi to write. Yet I was a big fan of the xiaomi mi 9t but there nothing to do. Under high-end tunes, the quality of night photos is catastrophic. Among the reasons:
        - the quality of night photos is catastrophic
        - The quality of the video looks like a phone from the year 2000.
        - my "location" icon disappeared and impossible to put it back.
        - From Facebook, the web links do not work.
        - photo editing works half the time ("please download the editing tool" 3 times a day when it is already installed).
        - Add to that pop-up ads on the phone (that's probably why it's so cheap), mainly on the music app! You can't listen to music on your phone without having an advertisement, it's like being on youtube.
        - my Gmail and my Google maps do not work when I am on the Orange network. But they work when I activate my SIM Free. Why? I don't know but it's not orange's fault because it worked on my old phone.
        - And a real slowness...
        The only advantage is its battery which lasts really long even with good use. Another advantage: it is so slow that I spend less time on my phone. In short, don't be fooled by the attractive price. Better to spend a little more and have a phone that holds up.

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          • Zatar
          • tj8
          • 05 Jan 2023

          long battery life, play games clash of clans The system has completely stopped for some reason,Daily necessities are very useful

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            • halgurd
            • 39y
            • 04 Jan 2023

            Anonymous, 03 Jan 2023Which is good between redmi note 11 pro and note 10buy redmi note 11 pro, everything is better, only redmi note 11 pro has 4k video, but this sth very important, it has full hd 1080 30fps video record, it is good, all other features of note 11 pro are better.

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              • Anonymous
              • NiB
              • 03 Jan 2023

              Khilji, 02 Jan 2023Redmi Note 11 phone good in looking but fingerprint sensor ... moreWhich is good between redmi note 11 pro and note 10

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                • Anonymous
                • bxb
                • 02 Jan 2023

                12 series better

                  • K
                  • Khilji
                  • g30
                  • 02 Jan 2023

                  Redmi Note 11 phone good in looking but fingerprint sensor unlocking the phone too late. This thing is very annoying.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • wYI
                    • 31 Dec 2022

                    The only decent phone in Note 11 Series is Note 11 Pro+ 5G(Dimensity 920) everything else are garbage.

                    No wonder Xiaomi rushed releasing Note 12 Series but you lose SD Card slot.

                    Otherwise just get a Note 10 series phone instead!

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                      • Faraz Ahmad
                      • KIJ
                      • 30 Dec 2022

                      worst Ram manegement Ever. I Think there is some defective Ram used in my phone because it shows 4GB but experience is of 1GB RAM. It can't even hold facebook for 1 second in a memory.

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                        • sungod
                        • JMs
                        • 26 Dec 2022

                        Anonymous, 16 Dec 2022How about battery?The Battery is very very stable in performances even after a year of havy usage still gets solid all day. Quick charge is icing on the cacke.

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                          • Senju
                          • PGh
                          • 25 Dec 2022

                          It is a downgrade from Note 10.Camera quality is 1/10 compared to Note 10 especially in night time and low light.
                          A lot of software and hardware issues like Screen Flickering - i mean you paid for a feature but you can't use it...
                          Phone app and Messege app doesn't work right.
                          Had to use 3rd party app as default messenger.

                            Anonymous, 16 Dec 2022How about battery?well, it's subjective. Depends on how active you are online. But it can manage 9- 10hrs screen time. Quite impressive if you ask me

                              Thein, 22 Dec 2022Don't buy this due to not support 4k video bad front camera4k Really? you can easily get that with a proper DSLR. Or a flagship

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                                • Anonymous
                                • uHW
                                • 24 Dec 2022

                                No NFC in Singapore when I bought global version. However, is a good for value phone.

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                                  • Tresbien
                                  • m}B
                                  • 23 Dec 2022

                                  Seems like there's an endless list of software problems with this phone. But what if you blow the shit away and install a stable ROM like CrDroid?

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                                    • G
                                    • EqZ
                                    • 23 Dec 2022

                                    Mohamed.Sayed., 13 Dec 2022Is there any fix for screen dark mode 90hz flickering it�... moreuse 60hz

                                      Everything is great, it's fast, screen is beautiful, sound is great but my god, camera is terrible.It's blurry, edges on the objects are terrible, it doesnt't have any postprocessing

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • KZ8
                                        • 22 Dec 2022

                                        Is it worth it to buy ?