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Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

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  • Anonymous
  • KZJ
  • 16 Dec 2022

BlaBlaBla, 12 Dec 2022Hmmm...Interesting. There's so many bad reviews & ... moreHow about battery?

    ts01, 14 Dec 2022Hi to all, i bye 24h,ago the 4/128gb version snapdragon 6... moreFactory reset after android 12 update would solve it (I think)

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      • ts01
      • 8p0
      • 14 Dec 2022

      Hi to all, i bye 24h,ago the 4/128gb version snapdragon 680, phone keep disconnected the wi.fi all time a true reset all, seting, forgets wifi network dont help,
      Change wifi pass, wifi channel...
      Update miui, all aps, update.
      Over 4g+ all ok, only wifi is problem.....??

        Is there any fix for screen dark mode 90hz flickering it's really annoying

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          • Someone in Europe
          • s0c
          • 12 Dec 2022


          Can anyone explain with the Redmi Note 11 NFC (or not) has Android all over the world except in Europe?
          Why is Europe lagging so much, almost half a year in havind Android 12?
          I bought the Redmi Note 11 because of the promise of at least 2 major updates but now i don't believe it anymore....Its a good average phone but with this policy never more.

            I own this phone for several months and I've noticed that the battery is being drained a lot. Other than that the phone is fast, doesn't lag and has a really good camera.

              I honestly feel like flashing is the wae

                Anonymous, 08 Oct 2022NEGATIVES: Camera not as good as made out to be. Ann... moreJust bought it in early November. it's not bad, the main issue I found is that when watching on youtube or Facebook for several hours, it's bound to lag and eventually crash, and some parts of MIUI are pretty bad. some features I use are missing like locking certain apps in the Recent button so I don't accidentally clear them.

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                  • BlaBlaBla
                  • PF5
                  • 12 Dec 2022

                  Hmmm...Interesting. There's so many bad reviews & comments about this Redmi Note 11. I've been reading this comment section for a few weeks now & truly i am using this Redmi Note 11 for how many months now & i didn't have or had any issues regarding whatsoever. I've updated my Redmi Note 11 to Android 12 & MiUi 13,so far so good. Well if you guys really hate or don't like Xiaomi than much better that you guys don't buy any of their phones. Just buy other brands which is suitable for you. That's it simple easy. Peace.

                    How to fix camera, how to update camera.
                    Have sam lines on the pictures

                      • r
                      • redminote11enjoyer
                      • wYI
                      • 11 Dec 2022

                      Suhas, 08 Dec 2022Lol, you just bought it a day ago...How do u know about thi... moreUpdated the review for you, typical elitist.
                      Still good, no problems till now,

                      If u cant stand this phone, go away and buy samsung crap
                      this is why i cant stand indians, they're all feel so techy but in reality it isnt

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                        • Jamnas
                        • nCh
                        • 10 Dec 2022

                        Waste mobile... Cant copy texts from web sites.. cant record calls automatically... Camera not clear..No nfc.. no sim off option...

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                          • JK97
                          • fnG
                          • 09 Dec 2022

                          Used this phone for a week now and all I can say is that this is the worst Redmi on the market. It crashes applications every time and restarts itself at least 5 times a day. The camera is not what is advertised. Connection problems with Bluetooth devices. Please save your money and buy something else. I am returning this and getting a better phone.

                            • A
                            • AMINA JAVED
                            • uWy
                            • 09 Dec 2022

                            Bought redmi note 11 two months ago, waste of money, application crashes many time, receiving messages many times that system is not responding, canera is so so. Overall not recommended

                              • S
                              • Suhas
                              • XUy
                              • 08 Dec 2022

                              redminote11enjoyer, 03 Dec 2022bought this phone this day, bought the 6/128gb edition, and... moreLol, you just bought it a day ago...How do u know about this phone, immature?

                                • K
                                • Kashif
                                • KIE
                                • 08 Dec 2022

                                I recently purchased Xiaomi Redmi note 11 and facing an issue. Problem is that when I called to someone or somebody called me receiver listen his double voice when he/she speaks,means if I call to xyz, when xyz speak hello he will listen hello in his own voice in return.i submitted the phone twice to Xiaomi service center but problem not resolved. If anyone facing the same issue plz share here. Thankyou

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                                  • Ad
                                  • Py$
                                  • 07 Dec 2022

                                  This is a very reliable phone. Except camera it is quite a good performer in all other areas. It's battery life, screen resolution, performance are superb.

                                  After using this phone for more than 4 months...I Will rate Redmi 11 (4/128) 9 out of 10.

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                                    • Shiva empire
                                    • rK9
                                    • 07 Dec 2022

                                    I just redmi note 11 but after the after its blank I went to service center their said motherboard dead. Don't even think about buying redmi note 11..

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                                      • Ll
                                      • fnG
                                      • 06 Dec 2022

                                      A great machine

                                        • g
                                        • greg
                                        • 7Xe
                                        • 04 Dec 2022

                                        redmi note 11 stuck on charging logo