Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro (China)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro (China)

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Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021I'm kinda disappointed with the chipset.. I expected a... moreDimensity 920= Snapdragon 855
First 5G Note series pro phone.
Yes Gcams and Custom roms don't work well on Mediatek chips but this is a huge upgrade over the 732G. Chip shortage might also be the reason why they went for Mediatek as seen when they relaunched the Mi 11 lite 5G NE due to the lack of SD chips

Nobody, 19 Oct 2021It's Redmi Note 10 with a different chipset...You do realize that it will have 120w fast charging?
And 5G which the mid range 732G doesn't have.

Now the question is RN11 Pro or Poco F3? If the Dimensity 920 is as good as Snapdragon 855, then RN11 Pro might edge Poco F3 in terms of battery size/ SoT, charging speeds and Camera. I will be shocked if they price it under $300. Fingers crossed they do!

I have had bad experience with every phone that had MediaTek processor . So much jittering and heat issues. Idk what to expect.

Hyuuga, 20 Oct 2021Dimensity is fine but some people dont like it because it h... moretrue but if you are a regular user (roms make your phone work like shit, in my experience at least) then d920 is basically sd778g and a bit weaker than sd860.

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Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021Whos even using USB these days man? No big dealBut its not flagship phone to put 3.0 USB

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MediaTek Dimensity? RIP Custom ROMs and GCam port.

Dudenoway, 20 Oct 2021Why exactly? Dimensity is fine but some people dont like it because it has overall worse custom rom support vs Snapdragon. Mediatek doesnt really release the source code of their cpus unlike Qualcomm so rom and emulator develops dont like them. Still, this phone is nice, another fine beast from Xiaomi. Meanwhile samsung lol

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Fj, 20 Oct 2021Why are they using mediatek ?Cuz it's cheaper

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Wews, 20 Oct 2021Its a downgrade for me switching from qualcomm to mediatekBecause its cheap and will bring down the cost of it

Alien tech, 19 Oct 2021Nice phone, I'm surely getting this one. Any news on ... moreIn Q1 2022 or if better in janaury 2022.

Ggboss, 20 Oct 2021Probably no zoom cam. Only real upgrade is the fast chargin... moreSoc is upgraded too. And 5g.

John, 19 Oct 2021No Snapdragon SoC ? I will not buy any more phones that us... moreWhy exactly?

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Its a downgrade for me switching from qualcomm to mediatek

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Why are they using mediatek ?

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Cpu upgrade very good 6nm cpu and 5nm gpu, but I hope cpu is not the only thing upgraded

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Nazzy, 19 Oct 2021Bye bye to Gcam for the Redmi note 11 proWhy???
It's an amoled,it will take gcam

Tafserul alim Apon, 20 Oct 2021Lol Downgrade!LOL no.
It's a better Note 10 Pro with 5G support. Most likely my next phone if I can find the 256GB version in Europe early next year.

Lol Downgrade!