Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • AAX
  • 18 Mar 2023

idk mines pretty good

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    • Gar
    • 7Pm
    • 15 Mar 2023

    Absolutely useless phone, A galaxy note 4 would be a better option. Slow keeps freezing and will not connect automatically with Bluetooth, even when it does it glitches. 108MP yeah right more like 8 even in pro mode. Go for something else at least i only paid half price. Conclusion would not recommend.

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      • Arya
      • DEP
      • 05 Mar 2023

      this phone would be great if it just use a 750G or a dimensity series from mediatek, seriously this phone cant even keep up recording 30fps 1080p vids & doesnt even support 1080p 60fps thanks to artificial lockdown from qualcomm. Video playback was equally bad cause despite the great display it has it doesnt even support HDR playback and no HW encoding support for video above 1080p, a feature that even an old Soc ALREADY HAVE.

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        • Anonymous
        • Bkg
        • 02 Mar 2023

        Anonymous, 26 Feb 2023Well this phone is more expensive than Note 10 Pro. So if i... moresome people don't take a lot of pictures lmao

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          • 7sh
          • 26 Feb 2023

          levant, 26 Feb 2023The problem is only camera. and even then is minor, as a pe... moreWell this phone is more expensive than Note 10 Pro. So if it has a worse camera, then it's also worse value.

          Fr bro, how can camera not be a priority like do u not take photos with your phone

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            • levant
            • XUR
            • 26 Feb 2023

            Realtor, 19 Feb 2023Please, listen to my advice, don't buy this phone, its... moreThe problem is only camera. and even then is minor, as a person that thinks camera is non essential for my life i think you exaggerate much on minor problem, just say if your priority is camera then don't buy this phone, if camera is not a priority this phone is one of the best buy out there

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              • Gamers
              • tZ0
              • 26 Feb 2023

              Pro :

              Everything that all i need has pack in this phone.Big battery 5K mAh, 120Hz Refresh rate, AMOLED Display with 67 Mi Turbo charge (100% in less than 40 mins), good network with 5G bands for the price tag 299 USD. Worth it to buy.

              Cons :

              No 4K Videos and camera due to SoC SD 695. Not good for taking pictures due to use of Samsung sensors, not any Sony IMX

                Please, listen to my advice, don't buy this phone, its garbage,note 10 pro was 10x better.Camera is garbage,only if you use gcam it can be decent sometimes but nothing more.....this is total waste of money, don't make same mistake I did...

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                  • Halgurd
                  • 39y
                  • 11 Feb 2023

                  Anonymous, 07 Feb 2023This phone would be a winner if they chose a more premium c... moreI have redmi note 10 pro, it has 450 nit typ brightness with 13 internet bands, but has4k video, redmi note 11 pro 5g has 500 typ nit brightness, it has 18 internet bands which means redmi note 11 pro (5g) has much better internet connection and has brighter screen but has 4k video, in my opinion 4k video not very important, but screen brightness and better connection are more important, these are the only differences, but I prefer redmi note 11 pro or pro 5g .

                    Bodybuilder Strong, 08 Feb 2023NO!!! You can not watch teh 4K videos, only 1080pNoob, 1440p works

                      Dayum, I played 3 hours of pubg and it dropped from 92 to 75, pure battery.

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                        • dimo
                        • iIa
                        • 09 Feb 2023

                        Mohit Sarda, 10 Nov 2022Does it supports wireless android auto?My experience is as follows. The first day he got attached to the car and from then on he didn't want to. After a hard reset, it connects once and then doesn't want to again. On the third day I returned it and it was done. Otherwise, I haven't had any other problems.

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                          • Bodybuilder Strong
                          • 0C%
                          • 08 Feb 2023

                          NinzPh, 27 Aug 2022Yes you can watch 4K videos on this phone.NO!!! You can not watch teh 4K videos, only 1080p

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                            • Anonymous
                            • JaP
                            • 07 Feb 2023

                            This phone would be a winner if they chose a more premium chipset (SN778G on the 6nm process) and boxed it with a native 4K recording mode. A 256 GB option should have also been made on offer. Overall, good phone, but not a major upgrade over the Redmi Note 10 Pro (which has 4K recording). It is a little disappointing.

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                              • Big Peep
                              • yVt
                              • 07 Feb 2023

                              BT, 28 Dec 2022It is a good frame and everything, but disappointing. I... moreMy man just turned a budget phone into a flagship

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                                • King
                                • 7XH
                                • 07 Feb 2023

                                Slavip bg, 06 Feb 2023once upon a time you were good and since you all screwed up... moreLols

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                                  • Slavip bg
                                  • SHp
                                  • 06 Feb 2023

                                  once upon a time you were good and since you all screwed up I will never buy anything from this brand again and I highly recommend that no one buys

                                    Nvm it's good

                                      Ahh sheet I bought this by accident

                                        I'm from Romania...I don't reccomend for taking pictures lovers..he has a PRO mode..which exclude night mode...taking 108 MPX pictures...and normal mode with 12 MPX..exist resize apps but...I can take a 24, 36 or 64 Mpx pictures...and in night mode...is..,WORST..I have and use a 6 years old Zenfone 3 which take better night pictures .and have 4k video...A 6 years old processor with 14 NM ..nanometers technology CAN 4K videos and this new..Snapdragon ..can't do it..WHAT ABOUT WE SPEAK..NEW CHIPSETS...WORST THAN OLDER??!..Good points..IS GREAT to see movies...clips and....pictures,.I was obsedded about pixels but..SOMEBODY STOP ME. WHEN YOU LOOK A PICTURE OR VIDEO YOU...COUNT PIXELS????ARE YOU CRAISY ??...is good to see videos and movies...his great battery work above 16 hours in play video mode....and NATURAL COLOURS LOOK GREAT....Much better than a simple LCD DISPLAY...THE DISPLAY IS HIS PEAK POINT...