Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

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  • JQ1
  • 07 Dec 2023

Unad, 04 Dec 2023I'm surprised! Finally, this phone is already optimize... moreTry a benchmark yourself, kimovil is definitely wrong because even the SD695 struggles to get that score and the SD 4 Gen 1 is a underclocked SD695

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    • Anonymous
    • Nu7
    • 06 Dec 2023

    Ali, 28 Nov 2023Poor display quality, front camera bad back average ، other... moreSo it's better for gaming??
    Those the battery last and how much?

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      • Unad
      • xPP
      • 04 Dec 2023

      I'm surprised! Finally, this phone is already optimized at 460,800 antutu score. Source: Kimovil.

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        • LOL
        • Kg$
        • 02 Dec 2023

        Leonardo, 01 Dec 2023I don't intend to vilify or discredit this phone, but ... moreIt says 1080p by 30fps for video. .......But it supports 120hz refresh rate so it's suitable for gaming. Please read the details cuz you sound ignorant.

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          • Leonardo
          • KZK
          • 01 Dec 2023

          I don't intend to vilify or discredit this phone, but I think it's more suitable for everyday use than for gaming. I don't care if someone mentions optimization but PUBG Mobile only supports High Smooth (30fps) and Balanced Medium (25 or 20fps) only. So basically it is equivalent to Redmi Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5 Plus in the past.

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            • Anonymous
            • LiU
            • 29 Nov 2023

            Anonymous, 28 Nov 2023I currently use a redmi note 12 and these are the few issue... moreWhatsapp issue same on mi 11 lite ne 5g

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              • Anonymous
              • XBA
              • 28 Nov 2023

              I currently use a redmi note 12 and these are the few issues I've noticed so far
              1, When receiving a WhatsApp call it won't display in the notification bar but the sound will play. I'll have to go to WhatsApp to receive the call
              2, In landscape mode the camera don't have a shutter button
              3, Once it's displays ANRs You have to close the app to stop is from displaying even when they app has eventually responded
              4, It has sometimes glitches. Not occasionally but it does.

              It's Advantages
              Coming from someone who has been using Go edition phones I'll say this phone is actually awesome
              1, You can float 2 windows with this guy and yes floating windows is not the same as split screen
              2, Navigation through apps has been made very convenient with it 120fps
              3,Decent camera
              4, And it's the type of phone you won't want to buy a pouch for cause the phone design is giving 😂

              For gamers
              Yes it can play COD without lag. You can even play COD and efootball simultaneously if you can.

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                • Ali
                • 6QV
                • 28 Nov 2023

                Poor display quality, front camera bad back average ، otherwise is better, design and gaming

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                  • don
                  • uRB
                  • 25 Nov 2023

                  can anyone tell me how's the camera, is it good? overall is it a good phone?

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                    • Okikiola
                    • XBA
                    • 20 Nov 2023

                    Recently got Redmi note 12 but I can’t make calls on social media apps like when they call me on WhatsApp I won’t hear what the caller is saying likewise instagram, Snapchat and other apps but everything is normal for ordinary phone calls .. what can be wrong

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                      • Anonymous
                      • tZj
                      • 20 Nov 2023

                      How long can the battery last if I play continuously on clash of clans. Can it last 6 hours straight?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • X{y
                        • 20 Nov 2023

                        I have bought a new Redmi note 12 mobile. But there is an issue with this mobile. When I call someone. It is automatically disconnected. May I know what the problem is with this mobile. Can you help me?
                        If there is any solution please let me know. I will be very thankful to you.
                        Thanks in advance

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                          • Owner
                          • 3vV
                          • 19 Nov 2023

                          Crap software, continiously loses mobile data connection. Calls get interrupted. Needs a reboot everyday.

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                            • Swaraj
                            • CbG
                            • 17 Nov 2023

                            Anonymous, 16 Nov 2023Seems like you are illiterate on Display technology.We didn't know you work on quantum dot display ...

                            Lcd is , will always be better than spray painted inferior , unsustainable amoled . No pc monitor is OLED .. only a handful .. cz it doesn't last long as lcd .

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                              • Anonymous
                              • K63
                              • 16 Nov 2023

                              Anonymous, 15 Nov 2023That's the same CRAP-o-LED technology invented by Sams... moreSeems like you are illiterate on Display technology.

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                                • Sr6
                                • 15 Nov 2023

                                Aamir pathan, 10 Nov 2023Redmi note 12 5g display is superamoled display not AMOLEDThat's the same CRAP-o-LED technology invented by Samsung.
                                Always choose IPS display panel next time!
                                It's what the real Pro's use.

                                  Ronnie, 12 Nov 2023The cam is actually very good esp at daytime or proper ligh... moreCamera is so so n doesn't justifies the "XIAOMI" brand and "REDMI NOTE 12" moniker it represents.

                                    Truth to be told: Every device you owned, possess, or considering to buy in the future is the best. Period! So, as I own the Redmi Note 12, it's the best and going quite good for about two weeks since I bought it. But everything has the goods n the bads; even us humans have it and transgress often.

                                    Anyways, the goods of RN12 are good UI experience with subtle bloatware - just delete the preinstalled aaps and you're done - Boo! Sleek boxy aesthetic design, excellent handling ergonomics, cool colours, good 🔋 life, and plenty of features to tinker with and fine-tune to your needs. Pretty fast and even decent stutter-free experience on the 60hz refresh rate. The best part: 2 Android Updates and security patches for 3-4 years.

                                    THE BAD: Pathetic Camera that even my 2016 Gionee rebranded Qmobile Noir Z14 can compete with and easy edge to victory - with better clear vivid shots.

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                                      • Ronnie
                                      • xPP
                                      • 12 Nov 2023

                                      The cam is actually very good esp at daytime or proper lighting. Buy one and see for yourself.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • X{4
                                        • 12 Nov 2023

                                        What about the camera, I've heared that camera is not good.