Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

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  • AnonD-208417

they have follow samsung path may be in 3 month we will see note 4

  • Anonymous

The meizu killer

  • Anonymous

I've seen conflicting information about the micro sd slot. Can anyone confirm that this has/hasn't expandable memory?

  • Dada

[deleted post]Why dude??

  • ilm

coolpad note 3 have the same features priced at 9000/- rs

  • Nitesh

Use snapdragron 808 as chipsent launch it in india....

  • Anonymous

An affordable superphone. India should be the first country to received it, next only to their home town Shanghai.

  • AnonD-360589

not possible launch in India becoz redmi note 3 is Mediatek processor

  • Uday

Awsome phone i m going to buy this phone 27 nov 2015 Online

  • AnonD-453584

when it wii be launch in india

  • AnonD-469762

the iphone 6s plus killer

  • Anonymous

Damn son, just as I wished that the elephone p8000 and the Xiaomi redmi note 2 would have a baby, this phone came out! Thank you god for blessing me with this phone!!!

  • Richy

When will it launch in Singapore?

  • AnonD-165220

welldon,xiaomi ,it is a perfect phone for the average user.kindly release it as early as possoble in india.

  • AnonD-382861

Lanch date for india????

  • Salu

AnonD-343077, 24 Nov 2015I have doubt about its launch in India as Xiaomi does not s... moreIf they will, it would be the only phone with 5.5 full hd, fingerprint sensor, 3gb ram, 32 internal and expandable under Rs15000 in India. Hope this perform better than others within the 15k price range.

  • Anonymous

Sushant Sic, 24 Nov 2015The phone looks alot like Meizu Phones... Isnt it??yes.. took lot of inspiration from Meizu and iPhone

The phone looks alot like Meizu Phones... Isnt it??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2015Anyone reply when will mi5 launch in 2016 for sure...

  • Anonymous

Anyone reply when will mi5 launch