Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

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  • rock

mi note 3 is have hitting problems, low camera

  • K K singh

Camera is very bad.front and rear both is not uaseble ..as per specufication of camera result is not good. So this phone can not entertainable.

  • Anonymous

pranav, 03 Jun 2016does it supports indian languages like gujaratiNo gujrati language is support

  • Ankit

Worst camera

  • Anshu

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2016should i go for redmi note 3 or htc 728? please help me!Bro never bought note 3 it have both worst camera and sound quality

  • rishav

Frnds plz tell me this phone is good or bad.32gb & 3gb ram variant I have planned to buy this phone !

  • pranav

does it supports indian languages like gujarati


Its useless phone. I bought two phones. Battery drains fast. Often hangs. I am facing trouble with my fine since I purchased the phone. No proper response. Heavy weight, gets heat very quickly, not handy. Hangs often. Not user friendly.

  • AnonD-544574

seems more 5.2 or 5.3 inch to me rather than 5.5 inch ! cos my previous asus zenfone max which is 5.5 inch as well SEEMS WAY BIGGER than this 5.5inch - WHY ISIT SO ?
and how come some features in it is ONLY IN MANDARIN ?????????? and i cannot change that feature into ENGLISH ???????? DAMN ! also , when i use mobile data , it is kinda slow abit also , just bcos it is 2.0ghz STILL not that fast compared some other phones which is 1.7ghz ... oh yes during facebook video viewing , when i try to rotate to full screen , it lags alot compared to asus zenfone max. it is 2.0ghz with OCTA CORE , it shld NEVER BE A PROBLEM to rotate to fullscreen during fb video viewing...!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-544574

AnonD-544380, 02 Jun 2016i am using redmi note 3 32 gb, but what i was facing was it was ... moreso how do u do hard reset may i ask , cos i just bought it a day ago as well ... and do u know how to change the chinese language that is featured when u want to change ringing tones .. and the song selection to download for mp3 are all chinese ! damn

  • Anonymous

should i go for redmi note 3 or htc 728? please help me!

  • AnonD-544380

i am using redmi note 3 32 gb, but what i was facing was it was overheating very much while playing games, also many google apps did not respond or work on it, so i did a hard reset just as we do while installing any custom rom we do a hard reset , and now it is working perfectly all apps are responding but there is still that overheating problem while playing games. if we receive a phone call while playing you cannot take the call coz it is so heated your ear will burn , have requested a return on amazon lets see what happens.

  • nelson

I have been using Redmi Note 3 32g 3g ram.
As far as the phone is concerned it is an Excellent smartphone
No heating problem
Camera 100% good
All reviewers I believed they never survey Redmi Note 3 instructions or vidos or did not fully understand it's functions
B4 I bought this HP I sturdy several similar HP n it's advantages n dis advantages for 1 week
I downloaded many unboxing,reviews everywhere

  • AnonD-544252

Frndz plz tell this phone is good for heavy user.I planned for buy this phone.

  • Talib Aftab

This phone is wrost. Phone is very heating and hanging problem plese do not buy this phone redmi

  • Jazz

Guys I m having a problem,,,,like something my app force close n phone automatically switch offs,,,I have 2gb ram varient it's not to cool for heavy multitasking but the 32gb varient is awesome,, regarding that 16gb varient is good in other departments lik cam,, updates,, display,,, battery is the best part in this phone n fingerprint too..it's also has a stylist look,,it's a cheap but a great phone,.,.,. looking at my problem I will give this phone 80/100(16gb). N 100/100(32gb)

  • Anonymous

Sim 2 is unable to catch 4g

  • brar

Anonymous, 28 May 2016Hii Ajay Here i bougt mi note 3 15 days of using of this phone f... moreThe phone is display is good?? Tell me

  • vike

shyam akash, 26 May 2016hii guys iam in confusion tht shall i take micromax canvers 6 or... moremicromax is a fake company n mi to good than micromax service is worst in micromax broo

  • Rahul

Anonymous, 31 May 2016I bought a phone red mi not 3 heating problem is yes but try to ... moreMi note 3 is good phone.. But it's camera quality is very poor. Not good camera quality. When i zoom it's blurs.. Please improve camera quality by software if it's possible..