Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

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  • Whyred

This device is too good. Don't throw it away if you don't like MIUI. Still very good for couple more years from 2021 using custom ROMs

  • wmtbuddhika

Still using without any issue

  • Vicky

Kaku, 20 Aug 2021Anyone tried MIUI 12 on Indian Redmi Note 5 Pro?Yes.....

  • Ali

Kaku, 20 Aug 2021Anyone tried MIUI 12 on Indian Redmi Note 5 Pro?I'm using MIUI 12.0.2. no issues.
Planning to upgrade to Poco F3 GT or moto edge 20

  • Anonymous

Very good phone spacial facelock open front 📷 amezing

  • Kaku

Anyone tried MIUI 12 on Indian Redmi Note 5 Pro?

  • akhil

I am still using this phone and bit laggy but still it was worth and can say the best quality phone in Redmi note series,,, Now it is not getting any software update is the only issue.

  • Marko

Very good phone still works fine, 4 u that is laggy try POCO Launcher

  • Abdou

I'm using this phone for 4 years and I can say about the best phone I had ever !
Everything is 10/10 just like the first day I bought it.

  • Aleep88

Been using this phone until today 21st July 2021 but now as my second phone, still works fine, a bit laggy but it was worth all the penny, now am using Redmi note 9 pro as my daily that i bought last year,

  • Anonymous

Using it from Nov 2018, dropped a no. of times..... A little laggy.... But works fine...

  • rinhart

I been using this phone for almost 3 years it has been submerged in water completely three times and been dropped for countless times and it affected everything but god damn the phone still survives till this day, it's laggy but still does the basics its still usable but playing games on a damaged motherboard is a bitch.

  • Gurram Sairam

Using this mobile from 2019 January. Still good working. But charging is slow. Everything is good. Worth for our money.

  • Sisco Mamado

I HAVE BEEN using the phone for 10 months and it's very good in everything. browsing & calls & etc

  • Agungg

i'm use this phone has 2 years .
now i cusrom use Nusantara + kernel Panda , Battery Life soo good and Perfect multitask .

sleek design
Good at that time.

  • Kuldeep

internet is not working in home but runs out side, same sim working in other phone, what is this issue

Hi Xiaomi...My problem is Mi Weather app...I updated my phone MIUI 12.0.2 ...After strange thing happened.... Suddenly Mi Weather app doesn't working...When I updated weather app 12.6.0, and opened...It says update is done with unofficial sources... I Can't use app anymore... I went manage apps and try to uninstall updates, but I can't successful...I tried to uninstall updates through Google Play Store, but in vain... Can't uninstall update...I was no clue...I sincerely request Xiaomi to fix this bug... Thanks in advance...!

  • Promit

Kawa, 21 Feb 2021I have installed LienageOS 17.1 couple weeks ago. This phon... morePlease share the link & process...for that ..

  • Anonymous

Kawa, 21 Feb 2021I have installed LienageOS 17.1 couple weeks ago. This phon... moreAny bugs?