Redmi Note 5 Pro gets Android Pie, system-wide dark mode in latest beta

Sagar, 26 March 2019

The highly successful Redmi Note 5 Pro that was launched in Ferbuary 2018 is receiving MIUI 10 Global Beta 9.3.25 update that finally upgrades it to Android Pie.

In addition to that, this beta update also brings system-wide dark mode and the Game Turbo to the Redmi Note 5 Pro. The latter is actually the Game Speed Booster that Xiaomi introduced with the Mi 9.

This update also comes along with a redesigned Settings page. However, do note that this isn't a stable update. If you couldn't wait to get Android Pie and other features on your Redmi Note 5 Pro, you can flash it to your phone, but do keep in mind that beta builds often contain bugs that make them unsuitable for your daily driver.



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  • hmm

Your talking about the redmi 5 plus with SD625 cpu. Redmi note 5 Pro is with SD636 and it's in project treble cpu that sd625 isnt. I got updated every month till last time i had in December security update from January update and then was longer bre...

  • hmm

Redmi note 5 Pro isnt android one phone while the pro M1 is a android one phone from Asus. The good news about this is that isnt a android one phone and it gets to android Pie. Just so you know Redmi Note 7 Pro is Indian version of the phone and...

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