Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

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  • ken

dont buy this trash phone after i update my 8.0 to 9.0 my phone broken . its say this version cant install

  • Triangle

Yeah, I got this phone mad-cheap, a used one, been using it for 3 years... and no problems what so ever, 10/10 phone. I might have been lucky but still.

  • Roshan Kumar Parhi

It's been 2 yrs since I bought this phone and it still runs like new. I updated to MIUI 12 today and yeah, it didn't bring Android 10, bugger. Recent updates have further improved the camera as well. Battery life is still awesome even after heavy usage for 2 yrs. Only disappointment is the AI camera which doesn't work as intended half of the time. A manual scene selection mode would have been helpful but Xiaomi doesn't seem to be paying heed to demands of customers who have been using the same phone for 2 yrs and plan on using it for at least 1 yr more.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021Well MIUI 12 was a disapointment, still stuck on Android 9Your country?

  • Khaled Maqtari

Since December 2018 until 2021 still working like new.
I faced some problems when I bought it in Wifi-Direct which not sending or receiving files.
also can't broadcasting videos to tv, only images.
I don't know if all users faced those problems or me only.

  • Anonymous

Well MIUI 12 was a disapointment, still stuck on Android 9

  • Anonymous

Great phone had this for over two years and still works like new. The thing is xiaomi sucks with the miui12 update plans especially for older devices like this one. Its December and we are still waiting for it

  • Anonymous

When can we expect MIUI12? It's already past 15th of december and still no update

I have been using it since May 2019 and till now I don't have any problem. It's still working as it was when I bought it.


Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020Everything is good from this phone 3/32 ver. But after the ... moreYh u got a point. I'm buying the Iphone 8 plus next and I need to sell this phone somehow. It still works. I've had to wipe the data alot since september. It's been a good 11 months with this phone :)

  • Meel

I don't have real problem with this phone. I have it for 2 years and it's a lot laggy.

i wish it has a glass back, but its still nice tho

  • Anonymous

Everything is good from this phone 3/32 ver. But after the latest update it's very laggy. Hope that miui12 or android10 will make it working normal again if we are gonna get it

  • Ab

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2020Is it true or not that redmi has service issues , as I was ... moreU r right

  • nxnjmsm

Do the phone get MIUI 12 update in India?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2020Is it true or not that redmi has service issues , as I was ... moreit's a really fast and reliable phone all in all but it's very important to use further protection, as the screen could crack very easily and ruin the display completely without much force. A foldable case and an extra screen protector should do the trick. Some pre-installed apps use ads even without internet, which makes this model useless for people enjoying their personal media. The gallery is confusing and you can't sort your photos all that well. I personally wouldn't buy it unless I only need it for emergencies or work. It was a compensational phone, as my former one broke (as well).

  • Anonymous

Is it true or not that redmi has service issues , as I was using remi n it would hardly catch 4g signal where others mobiles run smoothly 4g at same place , very poor network coverage

  • Anonymous

Pickle Rick, 08 Sep 2020I agree with other comment, rubbish phone. Got hyped up on ... moreSame issue

  • satish

redmi 6 pro is nice but sometimes phone got stuck features are good

  • Anon

SAD, 10 Jul 2019My camera is fked up with the last update. When I take pic ... moreSame here, not only that, the picture not even captured