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  • John

After latest update, Some of the phone features are missing or not function properly.

  • annonymous

m4tsu, 08 Aug 2021how can you turn on 60fps?? When you are in video mode you can choose in video options the recording in 1080p 60FPS.
I hope I've helped you.

  • m4tsu

Merivah, 01 Aug 2021Yes I do and I only use this phone with airplane mode on an... morehow can you turn on 60fps??

  • SakratulMaut

SakratulMaut, 05 Aug 2021At first I thought QC4.0 or QC3.0 could significantly reduc... moreCorrection...
...(less hot) at last Half hour of charging.

  • SakratulMaut

Merivah, 01 Aug 2021Yes I do and I only use this phone with airplane mode on an... more^_^It seems this phone able to survive continous Heavy gaming like that*\0/*

  • SakratulMaut

AnoM, 29 Jul 2021This Redmi Note 7 using the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard.... moreAt first I thought QC4.0 or QC3.0 could significantly reduce recharging time to about or less than1½hours max ...
(TT) I guess the expectation is too high.
Thermal issues/overheats seems hard to avoid ,at second half hour of recharging it heats up and lowering to warm(less hot) at the last hour of charging.
Some of GSMarena reviews doesnt match the reality that users get :-(.

  • ows

Merivah, 01 Aug 2021Yes I do and I only use this phone with airplane mode on an... moreIf it is running on Chinese version ROM, then most probably Google Play Services is being blocked from running. Try third party app store like Uptodown or Aptoide to keep apps up to date. As for Google apps, here are the alternatives: OneDrive, Outlook, Opera browser, YouTube as PWA App from webpage.

SakratulMaut, 25 Jul 20217-10 hours continous gaming? you are a Heavy gamers. is the... moreYes I do and I only use this phone with airplane mode on and with 30% brightness (since we are always indoors). Also yeah, it heats up sometimes to the point it really is hot to touch.

I also use lowest graphical settings possible with games and I just turn on the 60fps settings. I use wifi for connections and welp, I use headphones for sounds.

  • Tin

After the latest update, I can no longer use Google apps. Please help!

  • Am Nigerian

Please can someone help me on how to make my apn setting on this device LTE only during configuration? Because anytime I do it and save it, the whole configuration is deleted. I really need assistance on this.

  • AnoM

Regarding the fast charging of this Redmi Note 7, it takes the conservative method, charging average at 12W only, a little bit faster than the base 10W.
This is to reduce the heat generated while charging, and also to protect the battery.
Yes, it is not a fast enough charging, and is not the fault of the QC4.0 itself, it is RN7 that take the slow charging.
Well, in one test, to get a little faster charging, get the QC2.0 one, that will charge at average 14 to 15W.

  • AnoM

SakratulMauuuuttt, 03 Jul 2021Is there users ,readers or Experts know what is the Type of... moreThis Redmi Note 7 using the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard. Yes, support up to QC4.0, but you got to understand that QC4.0 actually just add better compatibility to USB-PD charging, and doesn't means QC4.0 will charge faster than QC3.0.
At the end, when Redmi Note 7 encounter with QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0, or USB-PD, it will only charge max at 18W. It is not always charge max at 18W, it will charge average at 12W only, so does the charging time is still around 2 hours.

  • SakratulMaut

Merivah, 03 Apr 2021I've been using Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for two years now,... more7-10 hours continous gaming? you are a Heavy gamers. is there a lot of overheat/thermal issues with your phone?.
i never imagine before a phone can do more than 3h continous gaming

  • SakratulMaut

Fred, 12 Jun 20212 things, you're lying or you had a very bad luck, thi... moreim happy tohear that, how many hours How long you recharge this phone from 0% to Fullcharge 100%?

my phone took a longtime to fullcharge more/around 2½ hours .
i haven't found the compatible type of QC 3/4 for RN7, but it seems cannot reduce hours of charging Only few minutes faster?.

  • SakratulMaut

Mr.Genius.360, 12 Jul 2021Wikipedia has a great article about it. Hope you enjoy read... moreThanks for your reply,
but that Links about general quickcharging description, it doesnt answer my question about what specific model/type quick charger that Compatible for RN7.
That article tells QC 2.0 is 18Watt No 18W for QC 3...while gsmarena review QC 3.0 is 18W ?

  • Sheena

Im using Redmi Note 7 and there are no any update in my phone. and theirs a Bug in phone and I Can't login my Mi Account. It always says "Mi account is stops" And says that theirs a bug. I Don't know what to do. aplease help

  • Madison

Today I got MIUI 12.5 on the global version
There's not a lot of changes kind of disappointing
I'm thinking of a smooth custom rom with good battery life
But I really miss miui themes it's awesome especially the ios style

  • xRico27x

i was looking to change my note 7, but after i saw the notebookcheck pictures in the review i came to the conclusion that a midrange lvl today have not better camera than the note 7, i mean the night pic was absolutely better than a mi11 lite or note 10 pro...

  • Gwin

Does anyone have the same problem or atleast know a solution to a data connection having problem..It says 4g but whenever it blinks to 4g to 4g+ my data reconnects or worse no data..it blinks rapidly in the notification bar and the connection interruption occur..pls help..is it on my phone only or in miui?..cuz i tested many solutions and troubleshooting even factory reseting..i hope this doesn't happen again if I change my phone to an another xiaomi brand like poco

Anonymous, 11 May 2021does anyone know will be android 11 on this phone Sorry for my first reply, I didn't notice, later I noticed that it was a discussion about Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 I mistakenly gave information about Poco X3.


Recently Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 10 series smartphones running Android 11 with MIUI 12 skin on top. While most of the Redmi Note series smartphones are yet to receive Android 11, it is almost confirmed that Redmi Note 7 series smartphones, launched in Feb 2019, will not be getting the Android 11 update officially.