Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

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  • Enkaj

Note7pro, 01 May 2020which custom rom is the best? Feel like changing romPixel Exp. Plus, far best and stable rom so far. Faster than MIUi but its stock android.

Please do anybody gets issue about network or caller etc. ?

No i don't think so i've install latest update all things going well by now 👌

  • jitu

is this a good phone

  • Note7pro

dev, 30 Apr 2020best custom romwhich custom rom is the best? Feel like changing rom

  • dev

best custom rom

  • Your Saviour

R87, 08 Mar 2020After the latest miui update. My redmi note 7 get too slow. Slow... moreJust go to settings, activate developer mode, scroll to the bottom and disable miui optimisation. Makes phone far smoother and lots more free ram

  • Omer

Can anyone help me finding the latest and correct GCAM for RED MI NOTE 7? please share the link (especailly the one which you are already using and satified)

  • Anonymous

Loviong the phone, have it sense release. The only fault i have is the power bvutton fell out one day with no way to get it bvack in. I bought a replacement part but it is a major job to put in. this seems to have happened to quiet a few people.


too damn hot for playing or just chiling

  • apple

demi, 06 Apr 2020In any cricumstances DO NOT install the latest update. Battery l... moreno ......it is very very good

This is a very good phone. I'm really enjoying it. Everything about this phone is great. I bought it almost a month ago from Jumia Nigeria and I can tell you there hasn't been any complain about its performance.

This phone would be a midrange killer with an AMOLED screen. Software is just "ok", its better with a custom ROM like PixelExperience or HavocOS. I like the fact you can make this phone transparent cleaning the back glass. Camera software is a weak point but totally fixable with Gcam (thanks devs).

  • demi

In any cricumstances DO NOT install the latest update. Battery life is terrible, screen turns off and on randomly, notifications are buged..terrible!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2020After several months of use, I can say that this phone's perform... moreits true, the hardware is good but somehow it is so glitchy and slow, it might be due to the software the xiaomi uses

  • Frost

48mp good for photos
but the videos look like 480p I don't recommend it if you seek to record videos

  • Chai

Not a bad phone though but having used Samsung and Gionee M6 marathon, wanted something new that will "waoo" me in this phone. I am yet to find that after 6months of usage. If you know please share. 48mp camera is worse than normal the camera.

  • shogun

Samiul, 28 Mar 2020Does this phone connects to 5ghz yes bro. i have the phone

  • Akporie

I sincerely apologise to the admins of gsmarena for my earlier out burst concerning the review of this phone. Thumbs up.

  • Samiul

Does this phone connects to 5ghz