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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

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  • Anonymous
  • 0uY
  • 18 Sep 2023

It's probably of not much use for such an old phone, but the Macro camera has autofocus too. It can be accessed from the "Pro" (Manual) mode selecting such camera and pressing "F".

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    • Ajal
    • nbX
    • 10 Sep 2023

    They did not teach how to use the rear cameras in the place of the vice-chancellor......There are many mistakes

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      • Anonymous
      • X@0
      • 30 Aug 2023

      louu, 07 Aug 2023In my opinion, this budget phone has exceeded my expectatio... moreWow one more person playing genshin on this phone😂😂, I too am honestly pleased that my phone( ofc redmi note 8) can handle genshin without any problems at low graphics. It is honestly a decent phone overall and a good phone in its segment.

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        • Naga Lilit
        • RN5
        • 24 Aug 2023

        The problem now:
        1. When opening the camera, need to touch back and push the volume down button - sensor issue
        2. Volume down button problem
        3. Lagging due to too many apps

        Overall, worth buying.

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          • Momin
          • XND
          • 11 Aug 2023

          Redmi note 8 big problem calling issue call tab let for us it is worst so solve this

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            • louu
            • 7Xh
            • 07 Aug 2023

            In my opinion, this budget phone has exceeded my expectations. My dad bought it in 2019, and I've been using it since last year when he gave it to me. The battery life is commendable, lasting a full day for browsing and around 4-5 hours for low graphic games, although it might drop to 2-3 hours for high graphic games due to faster draining. The phone handles Genshin Impact smoothly on low graphics, with occasional lag. The camera performs well when used correctly. However, I did come across some cons, such as too many ads in pre-installed apps, automatic app restarts when switching in recents, and occasional hang-ups, especially with the camera when the storage is almost full. Overall, considering it's a budget phone, I find it to be a great deal. I believe it's essential to manage our expectations and recognize that if we want more features and a flawless phone, investing in higher-grade phones would be the way to go. No offense intended, and thank you

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              • rozi
              • JYI
              • 02 Aug 2023

              can i buy it from https://www.amazon.com/

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                • pane
                • gKC
                • 02 Aug 2023

                it's like buying a new car and taking it to the service center to remove the factory defects, isn't it better to enjoy the factory perfection, at the same time I bought the Honor 8X, which is perfection without any flaws and not a single annoying advertisement, pure android that is 2 times faster than redmi note 8, definitely never xiaomi crap again

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                  • Shahab
                  • b@x
                  • 01 Aug 2023

                  Bought in Nov-2019 and still using. since 4 years we are together even I have iPhone 13 pro max but still I don't want to through it.

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                    • Stoon
                    • rX}
                    • 01 Aug 2023

                    Suresh, 02 Jun 2023Unlock bootloader and enjoy custom roms. many developers ar... moreindeed 👍

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                      • Stoon
                      • rX}
                      • 01 Aug 2023

                      pane, 06 Jul 2023a phone with 10 tons of advertising is a miracle of nonsenseRN8 is the most versatile phone that ever existed ... there are over 30 custom roms not to mention GSI builds !

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                        • pane
                        • gKC
                        • 06 Jul 2023

                        a phone with 10 tons of advertising is a miracle of nonsense

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                          • depaul
                          • Eg2
                          • 28 Jun 2023

                          The only device that lasted more than 2 years for me, and still works as new

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                            • Naveen Hirudika
                            • IWR
                            • 26 Jun 2023

                            I'd rather say I somewhat agree on the facts how people have wrote their opinions on this phone.
                            One thing is that we can't expect anything better than a budget phone to do everything we need. The sad part is that this phone is out of support and every Xiaomi budget devices are going through the same.
                            I really want to point out that Xiaomis MIUI isn't the best compared to Samsungs. The unnecessary apps and other stuff that runs on the phone drains the battery so drastically and when we need it to be used, it's all gone. This damages the battery so badly where most customers had to change batteries every year after 2 or 3 years on use.
                            The Note 7, Note 9 and Note 11 comes with better Graphics performance especially if we focus on gaming while the Note 8, Note 10 comes with crappy Graphics power. Results from 3D benchmarks, the Note 7 is better in performance.

                            This is so funny to me because the successor model for the Note 7 model is worse than it's predecessor. Overall, the Camera is alright. Web browsing is fine too. Since this phone is getting older day by day, I'm happy to announce that I won't be switching to any Xiaomi Phones in the future because of their buggy UI which leads to Hardware complications. Thanks

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                              • Surya
                              • rAN
                              • 18 Jun 2023

                              I hace bought this phone on November 2019 and still changes 4th time battery... big issue of battery...i have to charge two times in a day ... most worst experience...

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                                • Rick
                                • JxV
                                • 08 Jun 2023

                                This is the worst device ever. You can't do anything with this device.

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                                  • Gurion
                                  • a4}
                                  • 07 Jun 2023

                                  Jai, 27 May 2023I've been used note 8 since early 2019...however after... moreThe Redmi Note 8 was released in late 2019 BTW.

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                                    • Suresh
                                    • CbI
                                    • 02 Jun 2023

                                    Jai, 27 May 2023I've been used note 8 since early 2019...however after... moreUnlock bootloader and enjoy custom roms. many developers are there

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                                      • Jai
                                      • K1L
                                      • 27 May 2023

                                      I've been used note 8 since early 2019...however after 3 years... i found that my phone always hang, battery drain, and around 2020-2021 my phone always have problem with sound...

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                                        • Shahid zahoor
                                        • XPA
                                        • 02 May 2023

                                        Anonymous, 29 Apr 2023android 12 upgrade able ??????Note i 5G