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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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  • Anonymous

After update not receiving call or sms in rn8 pro. Have to restart every 2_3 hrs. Let me know if anyone have solution. Even factory reset haven't worked

  • habeus22

Fz, 06 May 2021Guys I am facing an issue in my RN8 pro. My volume goes aut... morePleasee let me know if you solved it. I have the SAME issue with the volume going up! I've rebooted it and it keeps having the problem D: I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

  • halgurd

I have redmi note 8 pro for more than 10 months, I use it just for social media.this a very good phone, every feature of this phone is quite good, camera,speed,screen,sound,battery....the only complain I have about this phone is that it has 11 bands, if it had had 19 bands, it would have been better for network reception, it is still ok, but it has rather weak network reception in some areas due to not having bands such as 26,12,17,19,41,66,32,42,18....,if someone wants to have a mobile with good network reception,it must be global version and must have at least 17 global network bands.

  • Counsellor

My Redmin Note 8 pro screen got broken, I fixed and it was working properly, Immediately I updated to Android 11, the screen stop responding, my engineer tested many LCD screens to no avail. I love this phone, please what can I do to get it fixed?

  • 468

After latest update (12.5.3) i noticed a hotspot connectivity problem on connected client side (pc) after not specific sometime. The connected client-pc lost internet connectivity (not WiFi connection to HotSpot). Only internet. During this problem on mobile device the 4G broadband working fine.
Anyone who noticed this situation?


  • Gutku

After Android 11 Update, Gestures not working with Nova Prime. What to do?

  • Fn

timewith, 12 Sep 2021It's a great phone, but mine is yellowing on the righ... moreSame for me. Seems like they want us to buy new phones.

  • Gutku

After updating to Android 11 performance increased but..
With Nova Launcher Prime the UI is acting buggy.
If used with default MI UI Launcher, everything is perfect. I don't like to see my phone without Nova. What to do?

  • timewith

It's a great phone, but mine is yellowing on the right side corners. beginning in September 2021

  • Ispurti

Toza, 11 Sep 2021This phone is probably gonna be supported by Xiaomi for the... moreVery durable. Eveeything works perfectly even after many hard falls.

This phone is probably gonna be supported by Xiaomi for the rest of our lives, trust me.

  • Dereal Christian

I love this phone but my major challenge is that I can't record call without the phone notifying the other person of call being recorded.
How can I stop this please???

  • Yet to Update 12.5.3

Dar, 02 Sep 2021I use this phone as a daily driver and i can say it's ... moreHello Dar, you can turn dark mode option for individual apps. Just search dark mode in settings & select show more dark mode options, there you will see apps which are selected for dark mode..unselect as per your wish & apps will be back to normal.

Now My question is..How is battery SOT after updating to 12.5.3 android 11? Any major bugs? Thank you

  • Amit

Hii friends, after updating my Redmi note 8 pro to the MIUI 12.5.3(stable) {RGGINXM} For android 11, I didn't get any issues with the the phone right now as it seem like previous one MIUI version but get some extra feature and also some file restriction to open.

  • cholkorn

how to fix bootloop in 2021 ???

  • Dar

I use this phone as a daily driver and i can say it's great (i have the 6 GB of RAM with 128 GB of internal storage version) but the thing I don't like about this phone is the Dark Mode, why? Well.because it's very buggy and needs to be fixed. Like the phone forces some apps that don't have dark mode to turn on dark mode and it makes them very ugly like you can't see the writing because the theme in the back is black.

Enjoy using it. Thanks Xiaomi.

Jst got, UI has improved, its smoother then previous version. But still 1 thing is missing i.e voice changer in game turbo 🙁

  • Anonymous


ML90, 21 Aug 2021Don't use 12.5 betas because obviously you're goi... morething is MIUI 12.5.2 is not in beta anymore and it has rolled out.

I don't have any major issues using it other than wireless earbuds (The issue seems to be that loudness became worse, this is a software issue rather than hardware)