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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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Rogerbak, 30 Apr 2022Hey im only buying this phone bcz i need better device for ... moreIt is good but old. If you want you can up to POCO X3 pro or F3 or Xiaomi 11T Pro

  • Eggward

I bought this phone on january this year, for only 115$ and the nfc is like 163$ i cant afford more so i bought rn8pro i must say it's a beast i am very impressed i can play genshin now on 60hz and semi high graphics, codm on max just needed to play with a fan tho, i lower codm to 60hz and high graphics to play without a fan, not the cooling fan I'm talkin about the big desk like fan i can't afford a gaming fan yet, it's a pretty satisfying experience for me.

  • av

Rogerbak, 30 Apr 2022Hey im only buying this phone bcz i need better device for ... moreJust buy Poco X3 pro, it's better, this phone sucks.. I have it and when I play codm it lags, even on medium graphics, so I have to set on low and it still lags, it says I'm using Max framerate and high graphics but I still get 40-50 FPS, not even 60, reaching 60 FPS in this phone playing codm is like a miracle.

  • Bhaskarjya

Rogerbak, 30 Apr 2022Hey im only buying this phone bcz i need better device for ... moreMine was bought in 2019 and still works fine. I have been playing Asphalt 9 from the day I brought, in 2022 I have started playing BGMI, CODM and surprise to see that it works great. But some time it shows some fps drops during gameplay cuz I have been playing since I bought it and the fps drop can be ignored it occurs for about only 3-4 secs in a gameplay. If you are a normal user than it is the phone that you can do your daily tasks.

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2022I use it for CODM and genshin without any issueHey im only buying this phone bcz i need better device for codm,is this good device?overheating,is it 60hz or 120hz and how does it perform? I hope u would answer my friend wanna sold me newlike one 120e.
Now i ve galaxys9 and im annoyed cant even play squads or duos without screen freezing..

Kev Gat, 17 Apr 2022Bought this phone in january 2020. after 2 years and 3 mont... moreYou shouldn't update. People are all crazy about updates but the best thing to do is keep a software version that works best. I still have the same software from a year and a half ago and the phone almost works like new.

  • Venu

I purchased this phone 2 years back, Still working excellent like a new one...Good model

  • Redmi user

I have this phone since 2019 and it's still performing great ! I don't regret buying it at all :D

  • Kev Gat

Bought this phone in january 2020. after 2 years and 3 months, I can say the battery is at 78% health, the connectivity is problematic with WiFi and sim data occasionally, MIUI is terrible with every update. Hardware wise this is was a beast in it's time for the money. All in all I had a great time with this phone. Now it's time to sell it and buy a new one!

  • Gandalfdenvite

Still no 4G+, LTE Advanced!
My old MOTO X4 have 4G+, LTE Advanced, on the exact same network with the exact same sim card, with more than double the download speed than my Redmi Note 8 Pro!

For a long term phone, this is underrated.
It was a big deal at the time I know but it should remain one because it is worth it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2022mine still very good, fast and its battery life is excellen... moreI use it for CODM and genshin without any issue

  • Anonymous

mine still very good, fast and its battery life is excellent, been mre than 2 years

.... but i start playing genshin impact, this phone just not fit anymore

  • Lalith

Im using 2 years redmi note 8 pro. Superb phone. Battery life very good. Camera nice.

  • Manu

Ash, 26 Feb 2022Successfully completed 2 years with this phone this Feb. I ... moreStarted lagging

its been 2 years since i started using this phone, which i still do. and altho its great for its price, its ''great for its price'' , you might know xiaomi likes to put adds into its own devices to cut costs, and altho you can disable the ads, its technically not that easy, not to mention the software optimization is not that good either, however the camera is alright and the performance its surpsisingly well.

  • xb

Lzy., 25 Feb 2022Yes will get miui 13 but stay on android 10Android 11 u mean?

  • Ash

Successfully completed 2 years with this phone this Feb. I assure it's gonna give 110% for what you spend.
Let's start with battery life, initially I was able to use 2 to 2.5 days with moderate playback and usual apps nothing heavy duty. The 18w adapter was also quite good. It took slightly more than 90 min at the start. Then I started gaming, binging, ameture level content editing. After about 1 year battery gave out at a little more than 1 day charging took nearly 2 hrs. Another year later battery began giving out at almost 1 day and charging a little more than 2 hrs. Mind you it's on all sorts of RAM bursting things. Then I reduced gaming and playback, voila i nearly got 1.5 days. Can't complain though.

Camera is really great although main camera underperforms in dim light, but a little tinkering with pro mode gets you over it. Selfi cam is really good, those live up to their specs. Macro, i never much used it but my trials were not disappointing. Well pics shot from other phones with similar specs gave similar results if not poorer. But they cost more.

Display was very nice to work with, you can read, type not much discomfort, can't say reading mode did much good though. But I hope others might've a different opinion.

Processor and ram was nice though at the time I bought this people told otherwise because of mediatek. But they were wrong. I tried pes, cod, pubg, photoshop, Lightroom, PicsArt, they all worked absolutely well. But towards the end apps requiring better graphics like pes on std or high res drew too much power, like I had to recharge toward evening. But I was on it for quite some time. Also there were no hitch with any another apps whatsoever. Though opening around 10 apps at a time kinda gets it to nuts, buts that's very rare for me. Actually this exceeded my expectations.

Miui, it's another thing people told me against this. The whole lot of ads. They told to go for stock Android. But this is also fine. Except mi pay and mi music i actively avoided, well it's interface is less appealing and frankly I didint like it. I used AIMP player, that works well for me.

Fingerprint sensor is good as always. There is not much delay. Well I did compare it with under the screen, the latter was slower. But your finger's gotta be decently clean.

Heating was there towards the end of 1 yr especially after gaming, or when you use while on charging (which I strongly advice you to avoid as much possible, but hey the heart want what it wants). Heating more to the top of the scree but it's not frequent.

Audio output is very nice. I am not a pro when it comes to that but tinkering with its setup is very rewarding. Headsets I recommend are house of Marley Jamaica, realme buds 2 wired, OnePlus bullet, mi dual driver. I use more wired ones.

Screen brightness slightly slacks behind because it's lcd but you get used to it. The auto bright mode is really nice, but down the road you might not need it. Dark mode is very nice look, but I suspect it does any good to battery life being an lcd screen and all. They claim it does but i didn't get anything other than good looks out of it.

There was no problems with connectivity and all.

The only thing that went haywire is the power button. It went crazy and became supersensitive, which warranted a look by specialists who said shorted side board which they changed for nearly 19$.

The phone is very durable. Fell Outta my hand several times but still stands. I use ringke back cover which is awesome but costs around 11 dollars. But hey it's worth it.

My verdict is there isn't a better phone for that price. One of the best phones for a flagship. Though I fell that for gamers in long run the battery drains faster.good phone for photography. Well if you want a phone for general use then there is nothing better.

  • Lzy.

notaspammer, 21 Feb 2022Will it get miui 13? Mine stuck at miui 12 android 10. G... moreYes will get miui 13 but stay on android 10

  • Gutku

Redmi Note 8Pro User, 02 Feb 2022Hi, how is the new MIUI 12.5.7 global stable update? Any bu... moreHi dear,

After that update I was speaking with speaker onn while picking up calls. I had hard time as people beside me heard my personal talks.

Now which I received (Finally) I will today install it and will share my experience here, I will also factory reset this as suggested by other RN8PRO users.

This is a great phone, just wishing call function should work properly I would not mind if Facebook app crashes instead.