Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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  • Chard
  • j2a
  • 10 Apr 2024

US, 01 Apr 2024I bought this phone in December 2019, more than 4 years and... moreSame here and it is still working almost fine

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    • US
    • ki$
    • 01 Apr 2024

    I bought this phone in December 2019, more than 4 years and its working fine, the heating issue in the sunlight remains the same from the start, apart from faster battery drainage, I play mobile legends game a lot on this, for like 3 hours... daily almost but still this phone is working is admirable. Thinking to retire it now but a great phone, bought it in 42K PKR. been GREAT for money. Outshined itself for running for 4 years straight and more

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      • Anonymous
      • mMw
      • 31 Mar 2024

      Still using since december 2019, but with Pixel Experience ROM

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        • Reva
        • XZB
        • 18 Mar 2024

        sanji, 26 Feb 2024Me toome too

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          • ryuryu
          • I@H
          • 16 Mar 2024

          still using mine since 2020, probably the best phone I bought.

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            • tommo1982
            • L6g
            • 09 Mar 2024

            Anonymous, 06 Nov 2023Mine to.maybe I Change the battery but I will keep it..fast... moreUpdates made it better. MIUI 12.5 works best. I had some hickups with older software, but now, it's running for days without a problem.
            I bought it over 3 years ago and I can't decide what I should replace it with. It was on a discount then in December for $190. There's nothing new within this price range worth buying today.

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              • ML90
              • 39y
              • 28 Feb 2024

              Even though I upgraded to a nothing phone 1 I still have my note 8 pro as a remote control and emulation device

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                • sanji
                • wu9
                • 26 Feb 2024

                HelpMeFindSayGex, 21 Feb 2024love how everyone has had one since 2020, including MEMe too

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                  • HelpMeFindSayGex
                  • pgs
                  • 21 Feb 2024

                  love how everyone has had one since 2020, including ME

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                    • Firoz
                    • PBs
                    • 19 Feb 2024

                    It's a great phone. I'm using since July-2020.

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                      • ZX26
                      • Nsy
                      • 06 Feb 2024

                      I have been using it since January 2020, never had any issues whatsoever. Battery is good, I don't play games at all. I ise it for calls, internet, social media, YouTube, photos here and there. I charge it to 100% once a day, and that's enough.

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                        • Bocil meler
                        • PA7
                        • 04 Feb 2024

                        peak xiaomi midrange

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3b1
                          • 02 Feb 2024

                          Ive had this phone since 9th November 2020, still going strong. Battery life of course is not as good as it was when it was new but I can get away with charging it every ~36hours and the charging is fast. So I really don't have any problems with the phone. Oh and the pictures you can take on this are great.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 0}d
                            • 19 Jan 2024

                            Good: It supports both fast charging from Qualcomm Quick Charge and MediaTek Pump Express! Most smartphones only support one of these standards, but this one both!

                            Bad: Lack of optical image stabilization. 4K video is useless and shaky without optical image stabilization. Even the Galaxy Note 4 from 2014 makes better videos than this thing. Why? Because its camera is, you guessed it, optically stabilized.

                            The video from the Redmi Note 8 looks like that of the Note 3 from 2013.

                            But the 64 Megaxpiel photographs undeniably look amazing at daylight.

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                              • Anonym
                              • Ki1
                              • 19 Jan 2024

                              Buy this phone in mid 2020. after replace battery and fix power button. Get refresh life for another year

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                                • Kent
                                • sSI
                                • 17 Jan 2024

                                Bought this phone (6/128GB) back in March 2020 before the lockdown for about $230. Everything still working well and fast. Battery, screen and camera still great. Can play games at high to max graphics 55-60fps even after almost 4 years. Absolutely worth my money. Never had regrets.

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                                  • yourname
                                  • U}}
                                  • 15 Jan 2024

                                  votislav, 09 Dec 2023a GOAT. installed the pixel experience rom a few months b... moreyes, mee too i am using this phone for 3 years with custom rom installed (Evolution X A12) :)

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 8pN
                                    • 14 Jan 2024

                                    I can record 1080@60fps in my Redmi note 8 pro but you wrote 30fps

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mP1
                                      • 08 Jan 2024

                                      skywalker, 04 Jan 2024Agreed. Excellent post, imo.Unfortunately, yep seeing how they're removing the 3.5mm jack and the FM radio. The peak is probably the Redmi Note 10 Pro, and this one (Redmi Note 8 Pro) when put next to flagships of the same year (2019) looks quite decent at least just going by the numbers of the benchmarks.

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                                        • Praveen
                                        • AAq
                                        • 04 Jan 2024

                                        I can't able to do contactless payments