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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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Soul~Mayukh, 04 Feb 2020guys i want to know the user available space of the 128gb varian... moreAllow at least 10GB for system storage and another 5% (rough estimate) for NAND over-provisioning. So even though you might have around 6.4GB left, you might not be able to save video as NAND needs the over-provisioned (free space) for proper fault relocation. SATA SSDs for example has 128GB storage but some sell them as 120GB with the remaining 8GB were reserved for over provisioning which is needed by the NAND.

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social buzz, 04 Feb 2020People i need your honest advice! I have to upgrade my phone an... moreIf camera is important to you, it's an ok camera but it's not fully compatible with gcam. Probably redmi note 7 will suffice if you like the pics.

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Anonymous, 04 Feb 2020Does Xiaomi Phones have Google Services?Yes, no problem.

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Does it have haptic feedback?

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Anonymous, 04 Feb 2020Does Xiaomi Phones have Google Services?yes it does

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2020Does Xiaomi Phones have Google Services?Yes.

  • Soul~Mayukh

guys i want to know the user available space of the 128gb variant! can anyone please tell me?

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Does Xiaomi Phones have Google Services?

NW, 04 Feb 2020Between Xiaomi Note 8 Pro or Xiaomi mi 9 lite, which one is bett... moreAy, I can't say anything precise about the cameras on the Mi 9 Lite but I would go with the Redmi Note 8 Pro because despites it has a lower quality ultra widecamera it has a macro camera and a 64 mp main one instead of a 48 mp one. For performance, Mi 9 Lite is considerably worse. Still good but considerably worse than the Redmi Note 8 Pro. It has 217k AnTuTu V8 score and the Redmi Note 8 Pro has got 280k AnTuTu V8 score. Annnnd of course, the Redmi Note 8 Pro has got a slightly larger device, and I don't know is considerably but still a bigger battery than the Mi 9 Lite. I hope that this helps!

  • Dhats

Is xiaomi note 10 pro available in the philippines?

  • social buzz

People i need your honest advice!
I have to upgrade my phone and i am reading and doing a lot of research on many recent phones, especially the ones for the best value. I have narrowed it down to Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7T, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8T and the Redmi Note 8 PRO.

The main usage for me are lots of space, fast and smooth handling without lag, excellent camera and lots and lots of apps for work and social media marketing. I do not play games - maybe one or two i will play on my phone but this is once or twice a month. But i do store a lot of files and photos and videos for apps like IG, FB, Youtube and many other more. This phone will mainly be used for work and photos.

My friend has the Redmi Note 7 and he can't stop buzzing about the camera. I used it a few times and the camera is excellent. This brings me to the question - Of the five phones - RN7, RN7T, RN8, RN8T, and RN 8 PRO which is my best option? Does it make sense buying RN8 over the RN7 if there camera is much better in the 7? I can't decide. It terms of design and looks i love the RN8 PRO but i heard that the mediatek is not a good chipset. The RN8 is goodlooking too. I just can't decide. Money is not an issue. But if i can save some money i would. Please help and give as much convincing responses! Thank u!

Between Xiaomi Note 8 Pro or Xiaomi mi 9 lite, which one is better in comparison?

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Redmi note 8 pro or oppo Reno 2f

  • MPK

When be android 10 update?

  • Chibykec

How do i use call recorder and miui own messaging app n call dialer with contact on Redmi Note 8pro as Google messages app and Google contact were pre install as such i can't set call regarding nor move my call history with record and messages from my Mi Note 3 to Redmi Note 8pro. Any suggestion on how to use Xiaomi message app on Redmi Note 8pro global ROM Europe.

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Anonymous, 02 Feb 2020Hey guys I'm struggling to choose between poco f1(sd845) and rn... moreIf ypu want it only for gaming,Then of course,The Poco F1.But,for an over all package-Redmi Note 8 pro.

  • 8pro

Android 10 update ?

  • RR

1 Month with Redmi Note 8 Pro, this phone very owesome, cheap but powerfull

Tanmoy, 02 Feb 2020Has g cam support in redmi note 8 pro?Yeah but it is not stable.

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Does the phone have haptic feedback? like when typing on a keyboard, do you get that haptic feedback (not the normal vibration)?