Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

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  • Ainars

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021This phone is crazy. It just keeps getting better and bette... moreAgreed. I remember this phone had a rocky start due to not showing notifications for incoming texts to various apps. Luckily they listened to complaints and quickly fixed it, improved other things and I'm very happy with this phone. As well as build quality is good (having previously owned HTC phone that wasn't dust-proof, I now properly appreciate dust-proof phones).

  • Anonymous

This phone is crazy. It just keeps getting better and better. Since the Miui 12 update, the interface is a lot smoother, everything is snappier and the sound from the headphone jack has improved. I swear I'm getting high fidelity sound out of the headphone jack now because there really isn't much difference in the sound from the headphone jack of the phone and the hi-res certified Bluetooth dac/amp I'm using. The only difference is the lack of power out of the headphone jack to drive high ohm headphones.

I've just received a new update that gave Jan 2021 security update and hopefully fixed the high power draw from the previous update.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020its notG80 is faster vs SD 665

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Dec 20209 is fasterits not

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2020this or note 9, which is faster for games ??9 is faster

  • Anonymous

Redmi phones really seem to have a display problem.
My 2. redmi has a again defective pixels after several months of use.

  • Anonymous

read my note, 15 Nov 2020Upgraded to miui 12.0.1 and the opportunity to shoot time l... moreHave you tried GCam?

  • Dan

Does anybody know why on google play it says Note 8t is not compatible with GTA games? What can be done about it?

I've received the MIUI 12 update some days ago here in the Netherlands. So far I didn't notice any bug or other fault in the OS. (For me) still a great phone for the money.

  • read my note

Upgraded to miui 12.0.1 and the opportunity to shoot time lapse video with the camera was gone. The previous android version had this capability.

  • S

Upgraded to miui 12.0.1 EU version. So far so good. Phone is aging well. Gets better with every update. Using it as a second phone for ms teams and outlook for work

  • Anonymous

Mirage, 12 Nov 2020Hello how long does it take upgrading to androi10? mine i... moreIt was half an hour for me

  • User of 8t

After few months of use device is working good with good battery autonomy. Just to add that portrait photos on stock app is very good. Now ti got MIU12 and androd v 10 as it is promissed. I will see how it will be with new update. Thumbs up for company.

  • Mirage

how long does it take upgrading to androi10?
mine is upgrading 24 hours , is that normal?

  • Boooooot

And A10 is here, nothing special, just minor improvements. Battery is better, other is same, just miui is little 2021 look.

  • Bruh momento

Rid, 10 Sep 2020The battery is not strong at all, I hardly use it for a day... moreWdym? battery is great!

  • Yankus

Zokac, 02 Aug 2020I have a problem with the proximity sensor. Is there any so... moreThis is probably because of screen protective glass/film. Try to remove it - or at least the top side which might partly cover proximity sensor.

  • Anonymous

mary, 04 Sep 2020note 8t8t has much better video (with eis) but 9 has more recent software (by 1 year). Other than that its just design changes really. If you like recording videos go for 8t otherwise go for note 9

  • Rid

The battery is not strong at all, I hardly use it for a day! So sad

How to switch off the screen (speeping mode) with the fingerprint sensor ?
It is easy to switch on, but for switch off...
Thank you