Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

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  • Mark..

This device don't have a fingerprint scanner

OwnFix3, 11 Dec 2020If you're not from India. Yes. Haha.. Not india only.. I think all user around the world got this shit when use xiaomi.. That the way they got more money instead to sell lower price

Redmi 9T is more better, have macro camera and NFC.
All the other spec is same.

What the f is up with the names?! It's damn frustrating. They will probably launch a dozen more phones under "Note 9" name.

  • Noori

Is its Ram is infact 4/6/8 like samsung etc or not?

  • Anonymous

sd662 have lower performance than G80, G85 (redmi 9, redmi note 9)

so instead of buying this justc bcuz of 1k more battery
better choose Redmi 9, Note 9

xiaomi used SD710, 712 just once in mi 8 se, mi 9 se.
may 2018, march 2019
after that we didn't see any phone of them with processors.

i don't think using sd710, 712 in this device was damage selling of phones like mi 8,9 se
bcuz this two device have real compact size with 147mm, 164gr + Super Amoled screen
who gonna prefer such dimensions & weight to a device like Note 9 4G(poco m3) with big tall 163mm + heavy weight 198gr + IPS

  • Anonymous

both of this phone in china, they have Equal price
which one?????

Redmi 10x 4g
Redmi note 9 4g


  • Gulan

Chomel, 10 Dec 2020Is it true that Xiaomi Phones are preloaded with advertisem... moreyou can turn it off from settings

  • Nickname

If this has global launch, I'm gonna buy this instead of the poco m3, yeah it's almost the same but the storage of Poco M3?? Nahh I'll pass

Chomel, 10 Dec 2020Is it true that Xiaomi Phones are preloaded with advertisem... moreIf you're not from India. Yes.

Chomel, 10 Dec 2020Is it true that Xiaomi Phones are preloaded with advertisem... moreof course! you'll be greeted with ads in every system apps and so.

  • Chomel

Is it true that Xiaomi Phones are preloaded with advertisements? Thinking of getting a Xiaomi. Tks.

  • Anonymous

M Ishtiaq, 03 Dec 2020Does it globally launch? it will,in most country it called poco m3 with different back design,different camera,in India and other south Asia country it will be launched as Redmi 9Power

Does it globally launch?

  • Bablue

I like the red color.

Best phone. Plan to buy it

POCO M3 is that you?

InternetUser, 28 Nov 2020Snapdragon 662 should support Bluetooth 5.1.It's mistake in specs related here in gsmarena, truly it's support bt 5

Great smartphone, big battery, nice cpu, large storage, specs suitable for commun users but waiting for it's global variant, probably Redmi 10.

DangerDuD, 26 Nov 2020Bluetooth 4.2!!! Seriously !!!! Not even 5.0Snapdragon 662 should support Bluetooth 5.1.