Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

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  • Chomel

Is it true that Xiaomi Phones are preloaded with advertisements? Thinking of getting a Xiaomi. Tks.

  • Anonymous

M Ishtiaq, 03 Dec 2020Does it globally launch? it will,in most country it called poco m3 with different back design,different camera,in India and other south Asia country it will be launched as Redmi 9Power

Does it globally launch?

  • Bablue

I like the red color.

Best phone. Plan to buy it

POCO M3 is that you?

InternetUser, 28 Nov 2020Snapdragon 662 should support Bluetooth 5.1.It's mistake in specs related here in gsmarena, truly it's support bt 5

Great smartphone, big battery, nice cpu, large storage, specs suitable for commun users but waiting for it's global variant, probably Redmi 10.

DangerDuD, 26 Nov 2020Bluetooth 4.2!!! Seriously !!!! Not even 5.0Snapdragon 662 should support Bluetooth 5.1.

I like how Xiaomi is trying their best to confuse people with their naming strategy.

  • Olala

The big redmi letter at the back cover really ugly. Why xuaomi following realme design with big letter. Its so tacky and irritating.

  • Anonymous

Aks, 27 Nov 2020Xiaomi already have note 9 series then why they again relea... moreThis will most probably launch as the note 10 globally rather than the 9 5g as i think in china the 9 wasn't launched..

  • Monis

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020It won't create any confusion because every phone they... moreI Respect your views. I don't know Xiaomi better than its marketing department but as a buyer i have right to question. I have Redmi Note 9s and i think Xiaomi is better than many cell phone company. Miui updates and support are impressive.

  • kewin

:( downgrade

  • LK

No Gyro Sensor? are you kidding Xiaomi?

  • Anonymous

All Note 8 already had Gorilla Glass 5

  • Anonymous

Gorilla glass 4... should be 5 , or 6

  • Aks

Xiaomi already have note 9 series then why they again releasing same series if Phone with defferent design and specifications

  • Anonymous

Monis, 26 Nov 2020Xiaomi is doing what nonsense. Same name with different fea... moreUltra wide angle lense....

Bruh they already have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G what the hell is this