Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G

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  • Anonymous

Monis, 26 Nov 2020Xiaomi is doing what nonsense. Same name with different fea... moreIt won't create any confusion because every phone they release is targeting a specific market. Phones under Xiaomi's Mi branding are for China, POCO's are for India, and Redmi is mainly for global markets where it has much more brand recognition than Xiaomi. Redmi Note 9 4G and POCO M3 won't be released in the same markets, and even if that happened, there will be a price difference that complies with the recognition POCO and Redmi have in those markets for marketing purposes. Don't act like you know better than Xiaomi's marketing department because you aren't.

  • Monis

Xiaomi is doing what nonsense. Same name with different features. What is the difference between this phone and POCO M3? It will create confusion for a buyer and nothing else.

  • OppaiHunter69

OppaiHunter69, 26 Nov 2020Yup, I knew this gonna be the rebranded of Poco M2I mean Poco M3

  • DangerDuD

Bluetooth 4.2!!! Seriously !!!! Not even 5.0

  • Himadri

poco m3????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020currently as i found in local china stores https://m.gsm... moreREalme Q2
have 120Hz display + 30W + 4/128 or 6/128 = 1199YUAN
even better than

REDMI Note 9 5G with none 120Hz + 18W + 6/128 = 1299YUAN


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020this phone its currently selling in MI CHINA & SOME... morecurrently as i found in local china stores


Dimensity 800u 5G+ 5000Mah + 30W

Both selling for 1199 yuan for limited time
after that just 4/128 selling for 1199yuan
very nice purchase

also REALME V3 (Q2I)
4/128...Dimensity 720 5g...998yuan

with being these models of realme in china...as a chinese person i dont think purchasing REDMI NOTE 9 4G its right with this price

  • Anonymous

this phone its currently selling in

its chinese version of POCO M3

P.S: in china there is no REDMI NOTE 9 3/64 FOR BASE with HELIO G85...but u can find it as REDMI 10X 4G with helio g85 4/64 FOR BASE

so this is poco m3 chinese version

4/128.....999 yuan...ALMOST 152$
6/128....1099 yuan....167$
8/128....1299yuan....almost 198$

there is no gyroscope
no 22.5W charger or higher fast charger. just 18W

U CANT ORDER yellow(orange) color right now as i see even in MI CHINA


RED MI NOTE 9 PRO 5G also its chinese version of MI 10T LITE 5G with SD750G

  • OppaiHunter69

Yup, I knew this gonna be the rebranded of Poco M2

  • Anonymous

super i thnik its THE new Redmi 10 4G for global region

  • Anonymous

This guy got bigger batteries than its pro what the...

  • Eyy

Pretty much everything you need for a budget phone