Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

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  • sayabosanhidup

so guys is the huawei mate 10 or huawei mate 10 pro still
worth buying compared to the xiaomi redmi note 9 pro 5G


  • Nawaz khan

lime02, 01 Dec 2020planning to buy this ..Best phone redmi 9pro i am just by redmi 9pro 5g

planning to buy this ..

  • John travolta

When is it coming to greece

  • Anonymous

MK Mujeeb, 01 Dec 2020I'm going to buy Poco x3,when I saw redmi note 9 pro 5... moreMe too wanting for it

  • MK Mujeeb

I'm going to buy Poco x3,when I saw redmi note 9 pro 5g then I completely stopped to buying the Poco x3.
For looking the better camera , sensors, processor,120hz, stereo speakers,also 5gmobile,108mp,this is so much greater than Poco x3 !
Don't go for Poco x3,please wait for redmi note 9 pro 5g . thank you

  • Xkirazgmf

CarMar, 01 Dec 2020To answer one of the questions below, the phone uses a plas... moreIm a bit confuse as some youtuber unboxing said it use Aluminium frame and i see Antena at the frame.. so it just wan the conformation as the spec provide in gsm arena not saying about frame..Thanks anyway for the reply..

  • Imaz

i was about to buy poco x3 120hz refresh rate (love it ) then i saw this phone i stopped and gonna wait for its launch better spec camera, sensor, processor , refresh rate at this mid range price it gonna blast the market
hope they launch it globally soon

  • Anonymous

I feel like the camera module is where they are wasting money on, I personally would've dumped the macro and depth camera and instead went for a higher megapixel ultrawide, might as well lower the main sensor to 64mp to save on money

Elkido, 01 Dec 2020This Phone is the best mid range of the world in price/qual... moreIt’s all big numbers for marketing though. Like the 120hz, it’s great but it’s probably the screen from the poco x3 which pretty terrible lcd panel with 120hz which isn’t great. And the 108mp camera, firstly it’s a worse sensor than s20 ultra, secondly all the other cameras are terrible, thirdly it has no assistance to autofocus which was a problem with the s20 ultra, also it has no ois which will make it much harder to get a non blurry shot. The battery is great, charging speeds are pretty good and the stereo speakers are a nice to have but I’d much rather have a smaller sensor with ois and good autofocus like the camera on the pixel 4a and I’d much rather have a 60hz pled panel that is usable outside than the lcd found in this phone

Shaihan, 29 Nov 2020Actually I don't think it'll be global. The Globa... moreAlthough, technically the successor, it's basically a 'lite' version of the HM1 as it has a smaller sensor size and smaller pixels. But apart from that it's similar.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2020this phone literally massacre X3 in every aspect, why did x... moreI think Poco is leaving Xiaomi. therefore they most probably can put up this competition against it.

  • Elkido

This Phone is the best mid range of the world in price/quality and the cheapest with a 108 Megapixels camera... it's a nuts.... Xiaomi is insuperable 😎👍😜 Dual speakers,33 WATTS charger battery and 4820 Milamperes battery and 120 Hertz Refresh Rate and 240 Hertz touch Hertz and Snapdragon 750G 5G....5G of course

To answer one of the questions below, the phone uses a plastic frame.

Xkirazgmf, 30 Nov 2020Hi.. may i know what type frame did they use? Is it plastic... morePlastic frame with metallic finish

  • F..k u

Which do you recommend redmi note 9pro 5g or mi 10t lite5g???

Redmi note 9 pro 5G series i think this is a Redmi note 10 series because it have 108MP sensor.
#1:-Every Redmi note Series have front video recording problem, i think this time need add EIS feature for front video recording.
#2:-Every note series come LCD display. actually SuperAmoled Display then very good.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2020Wish they used an AMOLED screen. Really helps in replacing ... moredont so obsess with oled boy.. you should already know oled has burn in issue..

  • Anonymous

this phone is a great punch to those iphone fans stuck at 60hz (and imagine paying 1000$ for a 60hz phone lol)

  • Xkirazgmf

Hi.. may i know what type frame did they use? Is it plastic frame or aluminium?