Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

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joe nodden, 28 Nov 2020What's the matter? You've gone silent. Gonna admi... moreI've gone silent because I realized I've wasted time arguing about a phone with a stranger on the internet which is not even worth it, people will always be entitled to their opinions and this will never end.

I don't know about you but it was never about winning an argument to me, didn't realized giving a minor suggestion will end up in a hopeless battle. My understanding differs with yours so I'm done, in the end what I know is that Xiaomi or any other brand won't add the camera your looking for on their midrange phones for reasons only known to them. That's all I've been saying anyway, even Huawei have introduced those useless cameras on their Y-series. So my question is, are all these brands too stupid to realize they could take the budget meant for those two useless cameras and use it for a better single camera?

Sage NB, 27 Nov 2020Two years ago a depth sensor was a selling point for flagsh... moreWhat's the matter? You've gone silent. Gonna admit you were wrong yet? Multiple people have gone out of their way to agree with me, not a single person agrees with you.

  • Anonymous

It should've been an oled display with 120hz or a very very good quality lcd with 120hz, 108mpx and atleast 3x zoom, with 40watt atleast and stereo speakers, and mediatek dimensity 1000+ or sd 855+ atleast for 200$ otherwise this is not the same xiaomi as before

  • KKR

Carvi, 28 Nov 2020Does anyone know if it will support aptx?Yeah it supports aptx,aotx HD because it will comes Snapdragon processor

  • Anonymous

Mario, 27 Nov 2020Hi Xiaomi, please don’t make phones too heavy weight, produ... moreCheaper phone = cheaper materials (sometimes heavier than expensive counterpart)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020WTF Xiaomi. You just made 3 phones with the Redmi Note 9 Pr... moreDid they confirm it will be a china exclusive? I want to check out the phone if it has sa global model

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2020No Amoled- no buyIf you see a 120hz display in this price category don't expect an amoled display it is still a new feature which just really progressed this year.

  • Carvi

Does anyone know if it will support aptx?

  • Anonymous

Global launch?

joe nodden, 27 Nov 20201) No no no you're not a pushover, you're a stubb... moreHe totally forgot that the LiDar sensor on the iPhone is way superior to that 2MP depth sensor.

2MP depth sensor doesn't help with anything as well as 2MP macro.

  • Anonymous

Only thing i don't understand is -why only 4820mah?
Redmi phones have always been known for their great batteries. This phone uses a higher refresh rate and a weaker battery than the Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S, meaning it will have a much worse battery life. And it's a newer phone... why?
For that reason alone, i won't buy this phone. I'd rather just get the older Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S. Battery life is very important.
I understand that the charging power is a bit better, but battery life is a lot more important than charging speed - nobody wants to be attached to the charger all day.

  • Anonymous

No Amoled- no buy

  • Anonymous

xdss, 27 Nov 2020will this release globally ? I this'll be china only

  • Anonymous

Successor OF MI 10 T LITE

Sage NB, 27 Nov 2020Two years ago a depth sensor was a selling point for flagsh... moreRead the other two replies from other people more intelligent than you. You're alone in your thinking. Give up.

  • Sarwar

Gemini 13, 28 Nov 2020Note 9 Pro 5G has 108MP main camera and the Mi 10T Lite has 64MPI need this phone xiaomi redmi note 9 pro 5G

Now I'm in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Mi 10T Pro Lite?Note 9 Pro 5G has 108MP main camera and the Mi 10T Lite has 64MP

  • Hard gainer

Great mobile great specs 108mp camera and 5g connectivity and a 120 hz panel in around 200 euros is future

  • Anonymous

Mi 10T Pro Lite?

  • Anonymous

WTF Xiaomi. You just made 3 phones with the Redmi Note 9 Pro now.

So we now have:
Redmi Note 9 Pro India =basically a Redmi Note 9S, indian exclusive
Redmi Note 9 Pro Global=basically a Redmi Note 9 Pro Max India, Global Exclusive
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G = A Poco F2 Pro with better camera but Upper Midrange Processor instead of Flagship. China Exclusive