Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

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  • Anonymous

super amoled ?

  • Jithin

Is it facelock

  • secret

Pk, 18 Mar 202033w vs 30w 4300 vs 5020 mah battery Ir blaster Choice is yo... morer6p : 90hz refresh rate,120 touch sensing,480 nits brightness,telephoto lens 20x hybrid zoom,pic is raw format,2 punchole which is selfie and ultra wide selfie..uis stabilization

  • Csaba


  • Hans Dampf i.a.G.

Redmi 9 Pro Max Superduper Ultimate Xtreme

... i pick!

  • Sravanth

I take redmi9pro max

  • Anonymous

Pretty sure this one isn't widevine L1 certified. So no buy for me. But I'll wait till review I guess. Why they are doing it I thought its free & almost every chip supports it.

  • madhu sudhan

How much cost

  • Le Grand

IMChu, 18 Mar 2020Disappointed with Redmi note 9 series. Mi note 9 lite is better... moreWhy saying that?

  • Brian

Shame that it is not selling in China because Lu said the next redmi note in China will be in 5G.

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020The only reason I can't say shut up and take my money is the lac... moreDamn, that is a big phone...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2020Even the realme 6 not the pro is a much better deal this year...... morePoco x2 is the real winner

Please does this phone support light painting feature?
Redmi note 8 Pro has it 🙏

  • Anonymous

Lstar4real, 19 Mar 2020I still feel RN 8 pro has the best design over this ...that's wh... moreJust say you already bought a n8 pro

  • Anonymous

No NFC yes?

  • Anonymous

Even the realme 6 not the pro is a much better deal this year...............realme 6 pro is a real midrange flagship.

Pradeep, 22 Mar 2020Is that Sony sensor camera or samsung sensor cameraSamsung Camera Sensor

  • V

Does anyone know if Note 9 Pro Max support USB-C PD?

  • TheBoyNextDoor

Does the 64MP Camera comes with Sony IMX686 Sensor or Samsung GW2 Sensor ?? And between RN9ProMax and PocoX2 which one should we pick ??

  • Anonymous

Whitch One have a better chipset, redmi note 8 pro or this mobile