Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

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  • Tanmay

So the global mi website is stating a HDR Certified display of Redmi note 9s which is the only difference with 9 pro i m seeing right now!

OfficialXiaomi, 29 Mar 2020Because it is special edition only limited production will ... moreAre you for real!?

  • Bien

It is capable for always on display?

  • Gil Castilho

missing the NFC and a version with 8gb Ram and snapdragon 765

  • Anonymous

Tanmay, 28 Mar 2020Can anybody tell me the difference between 9s & 9 pro..... moreredmi note 9 pro comes with a-gps, glonass, galileo, bds, navic while redmi note 9s comes comes with a-gps, glonass, galileo, bds

  • OfficialXiaomi

Tanmay, 28 Mar 2020Can anybody tell me the difference between 9s & 9 pro..... moreBecause it is special edition only limited production will be there.Hope it helps...

  • Q-AZ

Tanmay, 28 Mar 2020Can anybody tell me the difference between 9s & 9 pro..... moreXiaomi Redmi Note 9S is the same as Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro... Just... Note 9S is the name for the global version

  • Tanmay

Can anybody tell me the difference between 9s & 9 pro....why theres such a big difference in price between the two?

  • Teran

Where can i buy in Sri Lanka or can I book it in online ???

  • no Nfc

no Nfc no payment

  • Anonymous

This ir Samsung M21!?
Samsung worse soc, better display, software and 2 years updates
This cheaper, better soc...

I will may buy it while it cost 120€. Camera is good (wide 200% better than same priced honors) and processor is very very good. Big battery is bonus.

  • Toff

there's no NFC...

  • Anonymous

Putra, 24 Mar 2020No NFC? guess I'll go after the note 8 pro thenthat's what i was also thinking

  • Anonymous

From this point on (3-25-2020), all new Xiaomi phones will be 5G phones. Except for Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9, all new Redmi phones will also be 5G phones. Redmi Note 9 will use SD720G, and Redmi 9 is still to be determined. For all the chips released for 2020 so far, only SD720G is a real new SoC that can be used for a 'pure' 4G smartphone. Those MediaTek Helio P and G series chips (G70, G80, G90, G90T, P65, P95+) are essentially rehash of old designs, not intended for new 2020 smartphones. If you are interested in Redmi Note 9 series, make sure you wait for official announcement from Xiaomi in April. None of the announcements regarding Redmi Note 9 series are officially from Xiaomi. At the official Xiaomi website, 'Redmi Note 9 Series' does not exist.

  • Anonymous

Asif, 23 Mar 2020I wish this came at/under 6 inchesYou can't exactly condense batteries more with our tech limitations. Notice how almost no phone under 6 inches has anything above a 4,000mah battery

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020LOL 5000+ mah battery and only 18W to charge ? How much ti... moreImagine complaining a 5,000 mah battery won't charge in an hour. If you need to charge this thing at any point during the day, you need to go outside because playing games and using social media, it has a screen on time of just over 10 hours.

  • Anonymous

The tough killer, 24 Mar 2020Xiaomi sucking at their phone name schemes again. So what's... moreI mean if you bothered to read, or better yet use the compare function that this site has, you'd see the 9s is the global version. More LTE bands

  • Elvis

It's really good what's price and when will I be available

  • Nazmul

Very premium design.i bought the Aurora blue colour.