Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

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can i get pixel experience on this phone?

  • Anonymous

can someone help me with an answer
does this phone with the lastest miui version has the clone camera function?

  • halgurd

halgurd, 29 Dec 2021hello dear friend, is the power button of your redmi note 9... moremy redmi note 9T has loose power button as well, I think all of them have the same loose button, but I do not see any problem with that,the power button works very well.

  • Anonymous

I updated to android 11

  • uGotMe

Anyone here updated to miui 12.5 global rom via updater not flash?

Mine too. I thought it was hardware but the fact that i see the same thing on a lot of forums makes me want to wait for miui 13 first

  • halgurd

Boyaks, 11 Jul 2021Have this phone and its good nice phone. I order 4 64. But ... morehello dear friend, is the power button of your redmi note 9t loose, my redmi note 9t power button is loose, is it not coming off after using for a couple of months?.could you tell your experience with your redmi note 9t power button, how is it now?.

  • halgurd

Dan Tum, 31 Aug 2021I have some questions concerning the power button and batte... moremine is the same, power button is a bit loose, I am a bit anxious about this, I think,it may come off after a few months of using.

  • halgurd

I have recently bought redmi note 9t, but the power button is a bit loose, when I touch it, I think it may come off after using for a while, does anyone have any experience with this?.

  • uGotme

Singx23, 03 Aug 2021Received android 11 & miui 12.5 update.. Is it true that fm radio removed after miui 12.5 update?

I bought this phone a month ago, the camera is pretty much of a iPhone 8 plus, Amazing chipset, battery lasts over 12 hours, This phone Is totally worth the price, an affordable 5G phone.

Can anyone tell me if this phone got Android 11 update in Europe, T-Mobile? I read that it will probably be eligible even for Android 12 update.

  • Taka

It's been about 2 months my fingerprint doesn't work. At first i thought it was about my wet fingers. But i went down my settings and found out that the fingerprint isn't even in my screen lock options:/
Any ideas?

  • Mr. M

Blitzarc, 17 Sep 2021Between note 9t and note 10 which one is worth the price better? Of course Note 10 as its screen is Amoled 😍

  • Nix

The Dimensity 800U is only 50% weaker than snapdragon 888. For the price and performance this phone is a bargain and its great

  • Anonymous

brassy, 18 Oct 2021You can turn off miui optimizations ... And you can also ma... moreDon't update you've been warned take me back fresh out the box and I'll show you the perfect device

Anonymous, 27 May 2021How is memory management on 4GB for a few apps like faceboo... moreYou can turn off miui optimizations ... And you can also make certain apps protected apps so system doesn't close them.

I don't use the apps you refer to, but I use other apps that I have granted usage access, unlimited data, etc.

It is tedious changing all the settings and going into dev options, but once you do it, it's done.

BabaTee, 09 Apr 2021Been using Redmi 5 for 3 years now since 2018 and it still ... moreI still use my Redmi Note 5 Whyred too. What a workhorse! Still performs like new!

Anonymous, 04 May 2021xiaomi has lost proportion with this phone, too wide, thick... moreCheap? I call that solid build quality. No more skinny all glass flagships for me. Give me bezels that stand up to drops and a case with enough room components don't overheat.

I don't understand why anyone would prefer form at the cost of funtion.

My phone is my #1 tool. Make it work!

Anonymous, 14 May 2021It's so sad that people complain about phones being a ... moreCouldn't agree more. I'd rather have a bigger better build quality. Over half the population (females) never stuck phones in the back pocket anyway.
I want to always keep audio port, dual speakers, standalone micro SD card ... And I don't want easy to break rounded glass.
While we're at it, I miss width. 16:9 was much easier viewing.