Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

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  • Hey guys
  • 3AY
  • 24 Jun 2022

Hey anyone knows if you can turn off the Bluetooth on this watch? Thanks for the help !

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    • Nenad
    • pux
    • 03 Jun 2022

    The disadvantage of s1 is that there is no wearOS which gives you great freedom of costume watch and watch face. You depend exclusively on xiaomi and their engagement to update additional costumes regularly. If you think 200 watch faces is a lot, you are wrong. Other applications and companies boast a number of 40,000 and even over 100,000. We all know that Xiaomi's weak point is improving the user experience and that it is very slow. On the other hand, because of this operating system, you have much greater clock autonomy. In general, the clock is not bad, but it can be much better if the updates are regular and high quality. Both watches and MIfit applications

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      • kerzaer
      • mKu
      • 02 Jun 2022

      phen, 13 May 2022Yes me too !! Frequently "Couldn't Apply" wh... moreit worked! thank you, man

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        • argenisrv
        • 8uS
        • 31 May 2022

        Until Now, not issue, however I don't know how measure the blood pressure

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          • TeD
          • x@g
          • 25 May 2022

          Mick, 09 May 2022It is NOT wireless charging. You must use the magnetic char... moreCable charge you have to stick it in and chargingpads are wireless. Still the charging pad needs a cable.

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            • Iwan
            • E@x
            • 21 May 2022

            phen, 13 May 2022Yes me too !! Frequently "Couldn't Apply" wh... moreNot solved for me..
            try to unpairing...pairing again and apply watch face. but same note couldn't apply

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              • phen
              • DEP
              • 13 May 2022

              Mai Dvices, 02 May 2022Been using the S1 Active for 2 weeks now. The battery life... moreYes me too !! Frequently "Couldn't Apply" when trying to download new watch faces. Solution : try to disconnect from bluetooth phone (not turning off bluetooth), then reconnect the watch. Mine solved. But i hope Xiaomi fixed it.

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                • Mick
                • teT
                • 09 May 2022

                It is NOT wireless charging. You must use the magnetic charging dock.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Dhe
                  • 06 May 2022

                  Coyote, 30 Apr 2022The S1 Active does have Wi-Fiyes , I've seen that over mi website

                    Been using the S1 Active for 2 weeks now.
                    The battery life is top stuff, havent charged since day 1 and all monitors on 24 hour with 30 min intervals.
                    Use it to go swimming in the pool and it is quite accurate in counting the laps. Love how when you stop the exercise, the vibrate feature automatically kicks in to rid of any water in the watch. With my old Galaxy Watch of 2019 it had to be done manually and in my case when i forgot.... the warch was damaged beyond repair. Luckily for me, Samsung has a good warranty policy and the watch was replaced with a new one (and then i sold it...)

                    The app for this watch is still BUGGY especially when changing watch faces. It refuses to load many of the watchfaces available online where it loads to around 65% and just fails. Network was not the case because i tried many different connections.

                    I hope Xiaomi issues a fix in the next app update (at time of writing this comment, i already tried to update both watch and app).

                    Other than the above bug, it seems to be measuring ok against the Mi Band 4 I am also using.

                    For this bang for buck price, its better than the Samsung Galaxy watch.

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                      • Coyote
                      • 3ca
                      • 30 Apr 2022

                      Rami Hamza, 11 Apr 2022Can you do 24 hours continues HR monitoring?Yes, you can

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                        • Coyote
                        • 3ca
                        • 30 Apr 2022

                        The S1 Active does have Wi-Fi

                          The most annoying of xiaomi watch s1 is the headset option in the watch i purchased this watch s1 but when i connected my bluetooth headset to watch and watch connected to phone when playing sounds to phone no audio comes out in the bluetooth audio connected to watch but you can control music such as play, skip, and back but the audio only comes out in my phone even when accepting calls to watch the audio will only comes out to build in speaker even the bluetooth headset already connected to watch, by the way i am using xiaomi note 11 pro 5g locally purchased here in the philippines, for me the price is not worth for its features..

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                            • cat
                            • JJ4
                            • 23 Apr 2022

                            you have to know, 14 Apr 2022no just get a samsung watch.and charge the samsung twice a day, cuz otherwise is dead

                              m.a.razzak, 15 Mar 2022it can measure blood pressure ? no just get a samsung watch.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • n$L
                                • 12 Apr 2022

                                Can you connect a bluethooth chest strap?

                                  Can you do 24 hours continues HR monitoring?

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                                    • Emo
                                    • 8vP
                                    • 02 Apr 2022

                                    Xiaomi S1 ACTIVE there is NO wireless charging.

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                                      • Alfaomicron
                                      • L1M
                                      • 18 Mar 2022

                                      WiFi is actually available in this version the same way it's available with Xiaomi S1

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                                        • your comment is sht
                                        • y6V
                                        • 17 Mar 2022

                                        DevilHunterX, 16 Mar 2022Make a seperate tab for smart watches in the Phone finder, maybe?no