Xiaomi creates an in-house camera division to improve image quality

14 May 2018

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun sent an internal email (which promptly leaked) that details the creation of an in-house camera department. Jun considers photography one of the most important features of modern smartphones and this division will allow future Mi and Redmi phones to better compete with the top brands.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (the first dual camera phone in the Mix series) already scores pretty high on the DxO charts achieving a final score of 97 and a photo score of 101. With a dedicated team working on improving image quality, Xiaomi will be able to get even better.

The leaked email detailing Xiaomi's camera division
The leaked email detailing Xiaomi's camera division

The formation of this camera division is likely too late for the Mi 7 to benefit, but even so the rumored camera specs sound pretty impressive: a dual 16MP camera with f/1.7 aperture and 4-axis OIS. The secondary camera will offer 2x optical zoom.

Source (in Chinese)