Xiaomi's upcoming Black Shark 3 5G could be the first phone with 16GB RAM

With the success of the previous Xiaomi Black Sharks, the company is bound to release a follow-up and this time, it's going to be called Black Shark 3 5G. It has already been certified by the MIIT so there's no doubt about it.

However, having 5G connectivity won't be the only future-proof feature. According to recent rumors, the handset will be the first smartphone to make use of 16GB of RAM. Some may say this is unnecessary, but other power users will appreciate the extra memory. Especially if proper memory management is introduced and you plan to hold onto the phone for years to come.

Unless another OEM beats Xiaomi to the punch with a 16GB RAM phone - we still don't know when the Black Shark 3 5G will come around.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-754814

What are you implying ?

Apple uses 1/4 of ram and Sony 1/3 of ram of lagsung and xiaopoonepluswei devices and have similar if not better performance lol

  • gg

Only lacks boot to a full Linux operating system, Android don't have what it takes