XOLO Q700s

XOLO Q700s

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  • AnonD-371332

sam, 13 Jan 2015Is any one tell me ? How can I update kitkat version in q700s mobilevisit the XOLO website .. u will find Q700S update download it ..read the instruction carefully

  • AnonD-371332

Anandkumar, 16 Jan 2015Does the 2nd sim supports 3G network for Xolo Q700s?? Also how i... moreyes it support both SIM after upgrading

  • AnonD-371332

3G is supported in both sim after upgrading to kitkat. i find great experience in Kitkat but, phone memory is running low.. i suggest not to upgrade if u are a gamer.

  • jarvis

WaR-LOcK, 08 Feb 2015Yup ... It can be upgraded to kitkat ... Visit xda developers we... moreBro are you facing any problem after updating into KitKat ?????or every thing is working fine??

  • Anonymous

This device is really good on the performance front. No lags and no issues running apps.
The major issues i came across were:
1. Storage space issue for apps
2. The build quality is bad as dust seems to enter the camera lens which makes the camera useless

  • WaR-LOcK

kundi, 27 Nov 2014hey can anybody tell me this phone are upgradable with kitkat if... moreYup ... It can be upgraded to kitkat ... Visit xda developers website to get ua kitkat upgrade ... Download it ... Nd follow d instruction .... I did ...

  • manish

this mobile is very bad and automatic touch problem and key pad not proper working

  • giri

How Is the kitkat version..?
Does its battery lasts longer ?

  • laddi

this phone is good but frunt camra not good

  • Akhil

i think this phone is great under this price range as compared to other brands.the only problem in this phone is with it camera .Rear camera is okk but the front is horrible .So if any one of u who love to take pics instantly i advised u not to go for this one otherwise every thing in this phone is awesome ....

  • sushanth

Princesharma5667@gma, 26 Jan 2015when i select net on sim2 then net setting goes to sim 1st after... moreHad the same problem. So I interchanged the sims. That is I removed the sim from slot 1 n put it to slot 2. Removed the sim from slot 2 n insert it to slot 1. Now its working fine.

  • joe

using this device since 1 year.
good phone at this price range i would say,camera is great,processor is okay,battery peformance depends upon the usage;i had to charge twice a day for my use.
display is satisfactory with good viewing angles,voice quality through calls are also okay.
the only thing i disliked is its voice output! you can bearly hear your phone ringing in an crowded place,volume is low :( Overall this handset is good apart from the speaker volume :)

  • ramkishan meena+

this phone very like me

  • Princesharma5667@gma

when i select net on sim2 then net setting goes to sim 1st after screen off. i also update xolo q700s in kitkit by xolo service center meerut. give me answer to princesharma5667@gmail.com

  • AnonD-354996

ak, 19 Jan 2015Its true.Just amazing..no hanging pbm..superfast 3g

  • sathish babu

I bought ths as seconds phone..war a amazing working.3g superfast.camera super quality..I love xolo very much.no,hanging problem at all..bt u want to use properly.

  • ak

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2014internal memory is just 1 GB and box says 4GB. something is wron... moreIts true.

  • Anandkumar

Does the 2nd sim supports 3G network for Xolo Q700s?? Also how is the experience of KITKAT update on this phone ??

  • adi

Very bad sound/ voice quality. Cnt hear anything clearly what the caller talks don't know what exactly is the problem ?? Network or phone ??

  • rocky

rajju..., 24 Dec 2014wht r de proper camera settings in xolo q700s.my camera is not w... moreUr camera lens has got dust so give ur phone in service center they will repair it