You can already buy a Google Pixel 7a albeit unofficially

Michail, 09 May 2023

Google is hosting its big annual I/O conference tomorrow and one of the stars of the show is expected to be the long-rumored and often leaked Pixel 7a. The yet-to-be official midranger has made another appearance on the US marketplace site Swappa. The online marketplace has eight offers for Pixel 7a phones ranging from $469 to $499 in Gray, White and Blue colors.

PIxel 7a listing on Swappa PIxel 7a listing on Swappa PIxel 7a listing on Swappa PIxel 7a listing on Swappa
PIxel 7a listing on Swappa

All listed phones are in the 8/128GB trim and are carrier unlocked. We can see the in-hand photos confirm the phone’s design and we also get a look at the in-box contents – a USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A dongle and the usual manuals and warranty leaflets. For a more in-depth look at what to expect from Google at its I/O conference tomorrow, check out our summary article.



Reader comments

You've defininitly never used a pixel if thats what you think they are. they arent buggy or slow, and battery is enough to get through the day plus more. the only thing you're slightly correct on is the charging. while its definitely not ve...

  • Anonymous
  • 10 May 2023
  • g8$

Pixel sells in few countries, like i live in europe but they don't sell in my country but Xiaomi does. Pixel is good but mediocre device, with bad battery, lots of bugs and slowest charging I have ever seen.

Pixels are officially sold in eight or something countries. Xiaomi keeps within asia, where they know those will sell, sell well. You have no idea about ground reality, someone as big as google unable to release their phones beyond 8 counties in the ...

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