YouTube and Spotify will not offer native apps for Apple Vision Pro

Yordan, 19 January 2024

Netflix app will not work on the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, and now Bloomberg reports YouTube and Spotify also have no plans on delivering apps for the augmented reality headset.

None of these services will launch a dedicated visionOS app, and their iPad apps are also not going to be enabled for the $3,500 VR headset. The services will still be accessible through its browser, but obviously the experience will be rather different.

The Vision Pro is up for pre-order starting today with deliveries scheduled for February 2. And while the YouTube has a dedicated app for Meta Quest, Spotify never developed an app for any VR headset any.

Meta apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are also not available on the Vision Pro. However, Meta has not confirmed its plans so we might still see them at some point in the future.

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Reader comments

hbo max?? sorry we don't watch the same 10 movies.

I watch him frequently (great guy, going to be married soon) but he never really seems to get stuff sent by Apple. Not sure why, he did meet up with Tim Cook one day if I remember correctly. Samsung, BBK and others really love him though.

This isn't entirely true, the reviewer of the product doesn't have to like or simp for the product to keep recieving review units. Check Mrwhosetheboss, he made a video on reviewers.

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