YouTube to abandon Stories next month

Michail, 27 May 2023

YouTube Stories will cease to exist from June 26. The temporary post medium is being phased out and all YouTube Stories shared on June 26 will expire in seven days’ time. The accompanying community post suggests that YouTube is removing Stories in favor of YouTube Shorts and Community posts.

YouTube Stories demo
YouTube Stories demo

YouTube believes its Community posts are great for sharing “lightweight updates” and starting discussions among followers while Shorts offer more traffic and subscribers than Stories. YouTube Stories was initially introduced back in 2017 as Reels before its rebrand to Stories a year later.



Reader comments

Okay, I might have been wrong, I've just been disgusted by the lack of control that Shorts have. If you can pause, this is a good step forward in usability and brings control of Shorts just over the control of YT ads.

  • Jbis
  • 31 May 2023
  • N}h

You can tap on shorts to pause

I'm okay with the idea of shorts, but the execution is horrible. They push them too hard and the experience ends up being a video you can't even PAUSE, let alone seek through. And despite being short videos (easier on the servers) creators ...

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