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YU Yuphoria

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  • pk.badal

who will responsible for the warranty ? yu or micromax

  • svn

what about OTG?

  • AnonD-394735

No bro, 615 heats, 410 is better.

  • Ravi das

Micromax is a pathetic brand... this yureka and yuphoria phones lure with mouth watering features bt the phones pathetic battery back up , u will feel like banging yr head ..
2330 mah battery with just 160 hrs stand by time and 7 hrs battery back up /
plus you will get all the software/hardware issues which again will be difficult to resolve at their worse service centres
better go fr lenovo a 6000+, 7000 ..

  • vamsi

yureka user, 12 May 2015Better go for yureka Just 2000 bugs more guys u will get s... morei want different colors of yureka

  • dinessh

i want to know about headphone jack. where is placed?

  • sunny

I think this phone has very old cpu, gpu even battery capacity also very low. but advantage is DDR3 2 Gb ram, and it contains 64 bit architecture, 4G LTE version Considering to the price point it makes sense.

Compare to its previous Generation phone we should look about heating issues , sound quality and other aspects

  • sunny

yureka user, 12 May 2015Better go for yureka Just 2000 bugs more guys u will get s... moreBut yu yureka produces lot of heat, and we hear there are lot of problems with that. Hope in this phone they will rectify

Yu, 12 May 2015Giant bezels, rear speakers,small battery, they could've in... moreI think want u want is a HTC M9 or Sony Z3. For 7K this is what you get.

  • yureka user

Better go for yureka
Just 2000 bugs more guys u will get snapdragon 615 + 13mp cam

  • Rohit

Best Mobile Phone,Superb

  • AnonD-325959

Looks great for this price this, I hope its performs well.

  • Yu

Giant bezels, rear speakers,small battery, they could've increase the value even more with slimmer bezels, front facing dual stereo speakers,slightly bigger battery at 2500-2800 or even increase the clockspeed of the cpu and gpu,10 MP back camera sony lens should be awesome,lastly, increase the ppi atleast 326 ppi ! then they will absolutely dominating ! Perfect phone !

  • mark.42

It is great phone by Micromax
I also buy this mobil.
2gb ram
High processor
Nice camera
And mainly it is in only 7000
Vvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy Good phone

  • Anonymous

All yureka phone lagg

  • dude

the feature is similar lenovo a6000 plus

  • king

Great phone at this price point.Undoubtedly topper of its category.

  • Mithani

2 gb ram and price 100 euro.. extremely cheap

  • AnonD-394652

will be a hotcake at this price cheapest as compare to yureka

  • AnonD-389294

it will really test xiaomi they should do something really fast redmi 2 no match for this