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  • AnonD-573926

I bought this phone one year before. For the first time it was not working properly, but after its update of cyanogen 11.0 to 12.0, it worked very smoothly and its heating problem was also solved to a great extent. But now for those who loves to do experiment in phone like me. After rooting my yu yureka plus it got more smoother and after installing different rooted apps, heating problem was reduced more. For gaming purpose also, yu yureka plus is best phone in that price. So, I suggest those who don't want to root their phones can buy yureka but then u need to deal with its heating problem. But such a great phone in that range is something else. And those users like me who loves to root their phone, can buy this phone without any tension. There are many videos on how to root yu yureka plus. You can easily root your phones by watching that.

  • Anonymous

Arjun Sridhar UR, 18 Aug 2016ALL used 50% Brightness no background Apps uses more than 2% Ph... moreVideo 100 to 2 in 2h 3 minutes man that's one weak phone. Can't even complete some movies with 3 hour runtime :p

  • Arjun Sridhar UR

ALL used 50% Brightness no background Apps uses more than 2%
Phone On wifi browsing Time [70% Facebook and 30% Chrome] only 100% to 4% only 3 Hours
Video View Time 100% to 2% 2 hours 45 mins
What's app Time 100% to 2% 2 hours 30 Mins
Game Time 100% to 2% 2 hours 0 Mins

  • sajan

Very gud phon below 10000/catogory but heating problem is over.how to get os updation. please...anyone reply me

  • aditya

worst phone ever.... lags... switch off automatically... battery is main issue.... gets chagers quickly but drains within few hours... not working smoothly...too lagging problem...cam is good...both front and back... if mobiles falls from any height...doesnt get any scratches... gorilla glass is too good.... its been one year..still using this phone...but never had major issue... never gone to YU gallery... earphone is superb and best sound... beats r awesome... still dnt go for YU mobiles... go for other good mobiles...

  • shashank

shane, 31 Jul 2016should i buy this phone?no

  • sam

Really worst phone ever I have used. Firstly no update and there was a problem in my phone with in 6 months of purchasing . It was not charging properly so I went to the service center. They send it to the company on 21 june 2016 . I got information on 8 july that my phone had been repaired. But service center found that it was not repaired so they send it back to company and now it is 16 August 2016 still I had not received my phone. whenever I contact with customer care they used to say that u will get ur phone with in seven days and now it is more than 3 weeks every week the same reply.... now it is headache for me

  • KSK Kumaar

Yu mobiles are Worst products i have ever seen. i purchased a YU Yureka Plus mobile in November in 2015. Till now it is not updated to lollipop version. The mobiles other than yureka are coming into market with Latest version or if not, updating once latest version released. Some other problems are also i had faced and facing till now like, while i ran an app in my yureka, suddenly it is going to stop without any intimation, Sensor will not work properly and many more, some times mobile will take 12 hours to full its battery and some times will take regular time like 2-3 hours, sometime headphone will not connect to mobile and many more.
The people who are want to buy Yu brand mobiles, please do not select these mobiles as your mobiles and finally please share this information to others.

  • Rahul

shane, 31 Jul 2016should i buy this phone?Don't buy this phone. I am using this phone since 6 months, got fade up by charging more than 24 hours, still not reaching 100% charge.
If somehow it reaches, it get discharged to 15% within 20 minutes.
Use the phone with charging on, still the battery get dicharge @5 volts per 30 seconds.
Unable to the use GPS, by keeping charging on for a single route for 2 hours, as the battery get discharges very fast.
Can't use this for calling more than 10 minutes, as the portion touching your ears will seem like burning due heat generated. This happens when you use for other application also, like video playing.

  • rahul

does it play 4k videos

  • shane

should i buy this phone?

  • Chandan

Please don't buy this phone I have bought this phone 3 months ago and it's only work on KitKat I haven't got new update still working on KitKat and I don't have Cyanogen OS in this phone don't this phone

  • krishna

Krish34., 16 Jul 2016I had purchased yureka plus on Aoril 14. Today after keeping for... moreI think you should remove ur phone battery and to once again pit it in it and the start ur phone it will b alright

  • sagar y

Please don't purchase this phone....
Because ...
I purchase this phone after few days some problems in mobile like
1)sometime headphone not connect
2)battery problem
3)and main problem is not update lollipop...
I am purchase this phone about 6 month ago but no update for this mobile.....

  • Anonymous

Akshay Sai, 19 Jul 2016My yureka plus still running on KitKat(4.4.4). When will I get l... moreIt will take Yeats for marshmallow. Not even months

  • Aditya

Till now I didn't get my lollipop update...what the hell is this!!!

  • AnonD-563428

AnonD-511668, 22 Jul 2016Continuous net gives 2 Hours.... I actually never browsed for so... moreI knew it but still it is not working it takes 30% battery in 22 minutes net surfing should new battery works great?

  • Anonymous

Battery backup is the biggest issue. takes many hours for charging and takes few hpurs to finish

  • Anonymous

does all the custom rom in yu5510 support in yu5510a?