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  • sk

striker93, 10 Aug 2015hi i own a yureka plus its is cm 12 when i am writing this comm... moreAre you sure it has USB OTG ??


yu yureka plus or lenovo k3 note which one best plz reply me

  • friend

pls use ringtone cutter app and it save to default tones

  • Praveencat

in my yureka plus I'm having trouble with my otg. the problem is after I plugged out my pendrive,I can't access my apps that is moved to SD card. for that I need to reboot it again. I think issue is due to the absence of unmount option. but overall performance is good. I presume that official cm12.1 update could fix is issue

  • Praveencat

I'm having some troubles relating to USB otg in fuels

  • DK

pip, 10 Aug 2015I have order yu phone its good or not? No

  • maruf

hi I'm Bangladeshi my yu yureka mobile purchase Ligatures

  • Ankit

A Key, 07 Aug 2015How much time it consumes to charge fully from 0% to 100%?Bro the battery consumption depends on your using mode if you play asphalt 8 with low brightness it will take approx 3 hr to drain. if u use wifi with minimum brightness it will last for 6 hr and with maximum brightness it will stand for 4 hr. video playback will be upto 5 hr with full brightness and 9 hr with minimum brightness and earphone plugged in.

  • Ankit

AnonD-421161, 08 Aug 2015guys Yureka plus is Ok phone... brought this mobile last sunday.... moreplease buddy do yourself correct or don't misguide other.

  • Anonymous

which one is best yuphori or yureka

  • kush

Is there any problem in playing games in yureka plus?

  • Ganapati

Please help me ringtones setting

  • pip

I have order yu phone its good or not?

  • human being

those who are complaining about this phone..pls grow up ..this is the best ph under 9000 now...m vry mch satisfied with dis ph..i mean i dnt understand wat do u want under 9000 ?? 4000 mah batry??? is charging only twice a day is a big problm :/.. why u ol misguiding others ? bloody jealous ppl..camera is awsm..btry is gud..luks is stunning...no heating issue ..speaker is decent..according to me dis is the bst ph under 9000

  • striker93

hi i own a yureka plus
its is cm 12 when i am writing this comment
it does have wifi hotspot and OTG support
brilliant screen and performance
as for problems:
its battery lasts around 6 to 7 hours on heavy usage which means you might need to charge twice a day
Heating is not a issue its mild only
if you can manage these two then its fine, other options you can look at lenovo k3 but i would recommend yureka for cyanogen(its worth it) which guarantees support for your mobile down the years

  • viji

Vineet, 10 Aug 2015Any one tell me that YU Yureka Plus have WIFI hotspot or not? it have hotspot

  • nishut

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2015hello I have ordered you yureka plus today from Amazon in sale .... morespeaker quality is very poor,
and does not support WiFi hotspot.
phone is big sale because their has been lot of complaints regarding this device.

  • Vineet

Any one tell me that YU Yureka Plus have WIFI hotspot or not?

  • AnonD-53316

Most of the sets are having problems. Two major issues: Overheating and Black screen during Calls. Bought this set in the flash sale, from Amazon and returning it on the next day due to these two issues. Specifications are great on paper only, in performance its not working good. May be it is a software issue which can be rectified with a software update but at present unable to use this phone.

  • Anonymous

hello I have ordered you yureka plus today from Amazon in sale . please tell me its few details .
is it cm 11 or 12 ?
is there any sensor problems?
and what about speaker quality compared to yuphoria ?