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  • Always truth

@anonymous, the SAR value will not change,as no such modification is done on cellular,wi-fi,bluetooth etc,yureka plus will still remain the phone with best SAR value

  • shashank

yureka plus or redmi note or suggest any best android in 10k
requirement good quality cam,ram n processor must be better,mostly for gaming,battery life must be good..plz help

  • Anonymous

Users please share sar value of Yureka plus, I'm sure its different in this one because Yu changed it little bit.

  • Always truth

@mg222,when anyone buys a phone,a people will use its WiFi,bluetooth,..etc etc,and not only for cellular purpose.BTW yu yureka/yureka plus has still the best SAR value as its avg value is 0.27 and at its maximum point is 0.56,which is far better than lenovo k3 note which has a SAR value of 1.59 (typically the worst ).

  • Vekram chandel

Yu yureka plus mobile should be ruff & tuff.longlife service quality & bettary.and also software & hardware must be strong . Commplen fast recover I put my suggestion to company.

  • kinu

3G frequency should have been from 850Mhz

  • AnonD-299271

A Key, 24 Jul 2015Yureka has one of the best SAR Value in the planet, which is too... moreThe sar value of k3 note is of all the radio bands including wifi,cellular,Bluetooth,etc.Most of the phones only show the cellular sar value like in the case of yureka plus.Btw the sar value of k3 note for cellular calls is 0.641 W/kg.Plzz do some background checks before commenting

  • A Key

Yureka has one of the best SAR Value in the planet, which is too good for use (0.27 watts on head), which is far better than chinese phones like lenovo k3 note which has a SAR value of 1.59 watts (one of the worst for health). please give credit to micromax and yu for their health conscious gadgets.

  • Prashu

Best Smart phone ever, i used.. YUreka is best at its price, compare to other mobiles....
Camera and its features r pretty good...

  • Ajay Aj

Apart frm battery..... It s an awesome mobile fr its price.... ;)

  • raaj

i have seen this phone on igyaan, it looks really bad ... yureka looks far better then any handset.. but yureka plus looks really really nd really bad

  • viki

mi4i is superb than yureka plus
but we cant use a smartphone only with its internal.so yureka took advantage in it

  • balaji

service is pathetic..until the phone runs good enjoy other wise god knows.....they will ask to update softwares yourself if its not solved then you have to talk again no toll free number..will have to run behind them for a month and you will sell it as i did

  • Anonymous

Every thing about the phone(YU YUREKA PLUS) is good according to its price range, but the only con is the battery because a phone with such specification should have a battery capacity of minimum 2800-3000 mah not less than that

  • abcd

Guys go for xiaomi mi4i. It can beat yu in all aspects

  • Anonymous

sonu, 23 Jul 2015i'm confuse which phone is good to buy lenova k 3 note or yu yur... moreyu yureka plus is very very better phone then lenovo k3 note

  • Adhiraj

Yu's service is good as compared to other online only brand,definitely yu's service is better than its parent micromax

  • sonu

i'm confuse which phone is good to buy lenova k 3 note or yu yureka plus
and plz tell me about yu yureka plus this phone is battery removble and its otg..?

  • B2

it is battery is very bad and his prosscer is not good

  • AnonD-420413

AnonD-420413, 22 Jul 2015Hello, Phone is good. But i read so many complains about YU ser... moreMany people have said that Yu only cares about selling phones, not about serving customers. What to do flash sale is after one day only.