ZTE Axon 20 5G

ZTE Axon 20 5G

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HTC Also Make Good Phones !

  • Rogue

Macbeth, 26 Sep 2020The only catch is that it doesn't have wireless chargingI don't really get the point of wireless charging (in this or any other device). Is it so difficult to just plug in the phone to a charger??

These phones are REALLY nice. The gaming feature is way cool and lets you game at amazing. So I recmmend buying it.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 22 Sep 2020This actually looks like nice phone? Where is the catch?The only catch is that it doesn't have wireless charging

  • Anonymous

.., 22 Sep 2020it's good for something new like first generation..som... moreYou can import it to the US. I've found them on Ebay, but my issue is the lacking of LTE band support. You're going to have a very limited set of supported bands for any of the major US carriers, so the experience will be poor. I've considered buying one just to tinker with, but I have a feeling within 12 - 16 months, we'll see a flood of new models and technology emerge so I just need to be patient!

  • maine

truly remarkable!!

  • rtlsss

i do notice a square highlight in the top middle where the notch would be on a white screen

  • ..

MJ, 06 Sep 2020Will this phone have google play services?yea full android phone if it china version it is easy to install Google services and works normally

  • what

SpeeDstx, 21 Sep 2020why no wireless charging!!!!! it's 270 eur what you want also 90 high refresh rate and oled. 5G SDragon 765

  • ..

it's good for something new like first generation..somthing can we buy i hope it will be at America or Europe ( for now at china or on Europe also ?)

zombie, 08 Sep 2020Will it be available in India? serious competition to One P... moreNo it won't be, considering how ZTE doesn't even exist in India.

  • Anna

SpeeDstx, 21 Sep 2020why no wireless charging!!!!! Because, then, costs400 or 450 euros

  • you are rtd

SpeeDstx, 21 Sep 2020why no wireless charging!!!!! its 270e with 756g and 6.92 inch oled with 90 hz...why do you have to be this dumb?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

This actually looks like nice phone? Where is the catch?

  • SpeeDstx

why no wireless charging!!!!!

iwil, 03 Sep 2020I know that. I mean samsung made 6.9" phone with 164x7... moreIwil you have a point but lengths and widths change for other reasons
axon 20 screen is narrower (actual screen) and taller but is FLAT
the Note 20 ultra has a bigger screen in theory (so one can argue bigger for the punch hole camera - however, the 20 ultra gets its increase through width not height)
SO?? well note 20 ultra uses a CURVED screen and even if not significant, if you look at these closely you will see loss of millimeters on the sides (so the 74 width is maybe more like a 72 or 71)...even on Xiaomi m10 (own one personally, and having even seen a vivo nex 3 even with its extreme angles, there is loss of width in the curved sides; nex 3 effective width was more like 69 or 70 for a 6.89 inch diagonal (so another "6.9")..mi10 loses 4mm total

3088/1440 = 2.14
2460/1080 = 2.27

161 x 71 = 11431
159 x 74 = 17766

A bezel not only allows for a selfie camera, but furthermore for front-facing stereo speakers. Sony has acknowledged this simple fact and builds smartphones in this way. 21:9 aspect ratio is not that important, because no one seriously watches Cinemascope movies on such a tiny screen. We can return to 16:9 format. But Sony offers both: 21:9 and front-facing speakers, with a bezel. For those who like high-quality selfies, a motorized solution would be better, but still this does not make irrelevant the bezel edges.

  • Just someone

When will your review of the phone come out

Collectors gem for first under display. Will buy once it's available.

  • zombie

Will it be available in India? serious competition to One Plus Nord