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  • Tofu

David Huaman, 01 Feb 2017This phone Is a great phone. It Is nota that pricy but ir has gr... moreI use this phone for Uber, screen constantly fired up for hours and all the gadgets going (location, active data, etc). This phone gets HOT. It runs great if you can keep it below 120 degrees. The older it gets, the harder that becomes. For the price, there isn't a better value and 3 years after release it is still fully usable. That is impressive in itself. That SD810 ALWAYS gets hot in any phone under sustained usage. I knew that going in. For common daily usage, you might not notice the heat issue. But it is there in extreme conditions. If I don't keep air moving over it, it won't charge over 70% and performance becomes less reliable. That is just the reality of these types of devices.

  • Tofu

Cameron, 07 Jan 2018Overall a great phone. Camera is a little weak, but that reflect... moreMine upgraded as soon as I got it, about a year ago. Pretty sure it was OTA. It is getting old so you might need to manually update it, I dunno. It is a good phone, it still holds its own under extreme usage as long as you can dump all the heat it kicks out.

  • AnonD-390814

I have the Axon Pro and am currently on Android 6.0.1. I upgraded to it in 2016. Are you sure you don't have an update available?

  • Cameron

Overall a great phone. Camera is a little weak, but that reflects the price. The only big issue I had would be the lack of updates that ZTE sent out. Still stuck on android 5.0.

  • Tom

Sold this after two years of use, alrdy missing it.

  • madbird

I have got this phone about half year..from the beginning it has an issue with google hang up..since then lots of problem like freezin in apps heat up and slow...after factory reset was working ok for about 2weeks and start again.keep switching of and on by itself(restarting).and the outer body is not so brilliant..very week and bending easy.i end up smashing the phone and never buy another octacore again

  • David Huaman

This phone Is a great phone. It Is nota that pricy but ir has great performance. And it does not heat up at all. Even having the sd810. Great phone i just wish ir has an SD slot.

  • AnonD-639726

I just recently acquired the axon pro..i had a Galaxy S6,that I wasn't happy with(over heating, slow)..i must say the axon is by far the best phone I've used..ive had LG,Motorola and Samsung flagships and the axon has out preformed them all!! My only complaint is the lack of a second screen,while using apps

  • cell consultant

Don't buy this phone if you live in Canada, an outfit called 'DF Computers' in Ontario handles the warranty, my phone failed after 40 days use. Dealing with 'DF Computers' has been a real challenge and they don't care about customer service, acceptable communication or fast service.
I paid $650 to them for the "Premium phone replacement service". That was two weeks ago. They still haven't even shipped a replacement yet...

  • elparh

Best bang for my bucks. Above average specs for its price point. Sleek metal body; 4 GB Ram and 64 GB of storage, even without an sd slot; above average dual rear facing cameras and flash; and a nice Dolby system was a steal for $285. Side by side comparisons of big name phones with similiar specs made for a truly no brainer purchase. Big name phones with similar specs exceeded the Axon Pro by at least $150 or more. Purchased after an Idol 3 5.5 OTA update removed Band 12 LTE acccess for T-Mobile customers. At $285 not expecting perfection. But absolutely amazed by what my $285 netted.

  • Swots

Leo, 11 Oct 2016You can't describe it better, congratulations! Not even a 3 star... moreThere are significant glitches with this phone? I have had a ZTE zmax for 2 years now and only now is it demanding replacement.

I just want to know if the processor and graphics are decent for 2016 apps.

  • Leo

Luke, 10 May 2016What could have been here is A top of the line smartphone that c... moreYou can't describe it better, congratulations! Not even a 3 star review in my opinion

  • Ignite

Quite a good phone, but large and rather heavy. The design's not that great, either.

  • lou

Bobbiezito, 15 Dec 2015Where did you pay $350 for it at B&H photo

  • AnonD-544551

Mike, 13 Feb 2016I have this phone and my friend has a OnePlus 2, I compared them... moreThe OnePlus 2 has dated software, I just flashed marshmallow and it's a new phone. I assure you that high res display is working hard to push those pixels.

  • Luke

What could have been here is A top of the line smartphone that could compete when anyone. With the software glitches, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity issues and lack of true updates outside of their glitchy website, this phone is a pretender. The sound is amazing and the build, aluminum, helps me give this a three star.
Don't expect Samsung, LG, or Motorola quality.

  • poke

Luke5119, 17 Jul 2015For those interested in getting this phone in the states I'd tre... morebut this phone has 2 years parts and labor.. :)

  • AnonD-501048

This is my main driver for a month. I'll never go back to Samsung. Zte axon pro is $400, dual cameras up front with incredible manual control results, best in class Dolby earphone audio bests every phone on the market without any doubt whatsoever, 64gb, 4 ram, near vanilla Android but a better use of keeping apps ready in ram by far, super fast cpu, just an incredible phone. Downsides: No removable battery, no SD card slot, no fingerprint security. And I'd prefer it to be 7 inches or at least 6. Whatever. I vowed never to be buy a phone without battery swapping and I wish this one had that option. But I honestly am 100 percent positive I'm done with Samsung, seeing how zte can give us a powerhouse phone at $400 while Samsung keeps playing games with power users at high costs. The minute zte puts out a 7-incher with these specs, I'll buy that thing too. I can't believe how good this phone is.

  • Mike

I have this phone and my friend has a OnePlus 2, I compared them side by side and found that this phone is distinctly better than OnePlus 2.
This phone surely has that dreaded Snapdragon 810 processor but I don't know how but somehow ZTE has managed to tame the super hot beast (literally).
On OnePlus 2 the snapdragon 810 heats up like a frying pan but on this phone I hardly feel any heat, the screen quality of this phone is excellent and the camera clarity is great. And the best part unlike their weirdly heavy Nubia Z9 (seriously I still can't understand how a 5.2 inch device weigh 192 g) this phone is indeed easy to hold, the curved back provides nice grip.
Great job ZTE.

  • AnonD-337109

Great phone, use it for work everyday, do email, photos, downloads, print from it, works great no lag. Good voice/sound quality, beautiful display, no problem with heat playing Real Racer 3, for example. No SD slot is bummer, but for me good. Ive had lesser quality cheap ZTE phones in the past-they never gave me any problems. I basically got it for less than $200 from Amazon Warehouse (open box, but pristine condition), so worth it.